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Would you like to update your quality control processes? This article shows you the benefits of DataScope to your organization.

DataScope is the ideal tool for managing quality control of your business, saving you time and increasing the productivity of your workforce.

| |   Make your report controls with our app, even without internet.   | |

With the DataScope app, specialists doing field work can record measurements using mobile forms on smartphones or tablets, even if there is no access to an internet connection at the collection field. In this case, all data is still saved and synchronized later to the cloud, without losing any information.

| |   Record useful information without using any paper!   | |

With our Form Builder you can create a QA document according to your business needs. Without the restrictions of paper, it is possible to attach important information such as images (using the device camera), geolocation, as well as scanning barcodes and QR, among other features.

Tips: To ensure the source of images, you can disable the access of the phone or tablet to the photo gallery. This guarantees that the images attached to the form are taken at the GPS location and at the time recorded in the system.

| |   Easily manage quality metrics with your team.   | |

Using our Task Assignment module, you can create a program for the measurement control, indicating to each staff member the time scheduled for the pending activities as well as the type of measurement to be made. The specialist can check the tasks to be done at any time and the supervisor can monitor their completion remotely through the control panel available in the app.

| |   Custom quality control certificates.   | |

Each time a form is answered, a measurement certificate document is automatically generated in PDF format. With our PDF editor, it is possible to customize certificates according to the needs of each quality control.

| |   Keep your partners informed.   | |

With the DataScope app you can also enable Automatic Email Notifications, so your customers can receive their certificate of measurement in their inbox each time such activity is completed on their installations.

| |   The indicators of quality control in your hands.   | |

Our Custom Graphics module allows you to have full control over the measurements your team records. With this tool, you can create custom chart spreadsheets using the indicators that are most relevant to your organization and keep them up to date in real time.

| |   Integrate your data with endless software options.   | |

Would you like to decrease the reaction time in case of a problematic control? Our integration with Zapier allows the generation of Automatic Alerts by email or SMS, in case any quality control value differs from the established standards. We also have an API to facilitate the integration between DataScope and the system used in your company, integrating the quality control data automatically into the system.

Do you have any questions about how to move the digital transformation forward?

At DataScope we have excellent customer support. Our consultants are available to guide you in the process of the digital transformation and they will be very pleased to advise you on the many uses of our platform. You can write us an email,  call or contact us through our chat.
Email: info@mydatascope.com
– USA: +1 (562) 373 0209
– Brazil: +55 (11) 3230 9444
– Chile: +56 (2) 2897 7444
– México: +52 (55) 4164 9595
– Colombia: +57 (300) 929-4475
Chat: You can write us at any time by clicking on the chat icon on our website.

We invite you to be part of the Digital Transformation and easily simplify your operations!

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