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More efficient work orders

Digitize your work orders by using an intelligent app for installment and maintenance tasks.

Efficient field teams

Improve team management, assigning work orders and notifying the field technician. Obtain multiple benefits from an optimized workflow.

Centralized data

Collect information with locations, time and pictures in your orders. You will be immediately provided with data without having to wait to be back at the office.

Full reports

Create customized reports in design and data format. Automatically share them with the right people.

More than 40.000 organizations from all over the world have trusted DataScope

DataScope in three easy steps

1. Customize your account

Create your free account and personalize it in minutes.

2. Answer in the app

Collect data using our app, whether you have Internet access or not.

3. Obtain data

You can visualize, manage and export data in our Portal Web.

Ideal functionalities for your work orders

Tasks’ assigner

Allocate orders from the office to your field technicians. Know when it starts, ends and the place where the activity was done. Manage your team easily and optimize your resources.

Create automatic reports

Create a completely personalized PDF report, add your company’s logo, arranged data, pictures, firms… Every field will be automatically filled with each new work order done.

Report by email

When a work order is finished, notify the right people with the corresponding information. You can personalize the contents and to whom the mail will be directed to.

Complete data with multiple possibilities

Add multimedia content and the GPS location directly to forms. Complement with pictures that support the information, scan barcodes and/or add digital firms.

Works without connection

The app will guide technicians in places where there is no connectivity to do their work orders. The app automatically sends the data one the devices’ connection is reestablished.

Reminders on your device

While assigning a task, the field technician will receive a notification on their mobile device with the order or service they must complete. In addition, they may have an assigned place, a start time and deadline to be completed.

Create data checklists. Add lists that synchronize with the forms’ questions

Charge your database. Clients, collaborators, locations, products or whatever you need.

Automate workflows and clear up time for big tasks.

Define the state of your workflows. Approve, reject or create your own.

Connections for API requests. For developers that require a full integration.

Connect DataScope with your favorite apps and automate workflows

Integrate your account with more than 3.000 apps

Start using DataScope today!

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