Why your business need workflow automation?

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The first thing that you need to know is what is workflow software? Workflow automation are tools designed to automate routine and manual processes. They usually are apps or web platform that replaces paper-based documentation or streamlines manual or digital processes.
There are many types of workflow software. The most common are:

Data collection software / Mobile forms

They are mostly used for real-time and/or on-site data gathering and analysis. It significantly reduces data collection time, diminish errors and facilitates data processing.

Team management

Workflow software enables you to oversee your entire team’s performance even if the workers are located in different places, which allow managers to monitor each member’s responsibilities, tasks and progress.

Project management

This type of workflow tool center on project optimization and improve transparency and communication between your teams and workers. It also ease project planning.

HR management

There are several types of HR management tools, which are mostly used to automate processes like employee record keeping, leave approvals, payroll and other HR-related functions. They can also been used to streamline recruitment due to the fact that can handle large volume applications.

Accounting practice management

In this area, you will find multiple workflow software that cover specific tasks. Accounting workflow software automates proposal generation, invoicing, payment management and provides dashboards to monitor sales, revenue, cash flow and more.

App/Software integrations

This software automates workflows among other software solutions and allow you to manually download documents to a cloud storage folder. By doing that you can have in one place all your workflow tool to perform diverse functions and to integrate individual apps and automate different tasks.

Marketing automation

Any tool that automates marketing campaign management is workflow software. Think of email} marketing, social media management and ad management platforms – to name a few.

Why do you need to automate your workflows?

To standardized your processes

Your process should be defined and tested before you decide to automate it. Workflow automation makes your processes more efficient. Traditional workflows require a lot of time and focus, which could otherwise be spent on other tasks.

To reduce paper based documents

Paper files are not eco-friendly and they are less effective than digital documents. Handle big amounts of paper is difficult, expensive and inefficient. They can be easily misplaced and damaged in the process.

To decrease errors

People make mistakes and these, no matter how small, can be costly. They can cost time that you dedicate to finding and fixing them, and money. On the other hand, software rarely does mistakes and workflow automation can reduce room for error on different levels:

Inefficient processes can have an impact on communication

Communication is essential for any company. Miscommunication and misinformation can hurt your team’s performance and damage your mutual relationship as well as your relationship with clients.
Workflow software can deliver real-time updates to your staff, giving them access to the required information, as well as improving decision making and internal communication.

It is difficult to track task status

If you waste a lot of time trying to track every team member down or checking your inbox to figure who has sent his or her updates, you really need a workflow software. They can bring can bring all this information together in a single dashboard.

Stop losing data


Cloud-stored data is much easier to back up and protect than any paper documentation. Some workflow tools can even provide access to the past versions of documents, as well as recover files that have been deleted. If your business collects highly sensitive data, it is time to go digital.
Working with a company that specializes in automating workflows provides you with enhanced expertise and an effective strategy for streamlining your workflows and increasing productivity. DataScope can help you to simplify the way you manage your field team whilst improving your business operations.

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