6 great productivity apps for 2022

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Productivity is very important for businesses because it helps them to grow faster and can build a company or lead to downfall. Productivity involves getting things done more quickly and with less effort and resources and trying to improve management skills. Productivity apps are any piece of software that makes your job easier and allows you to get more work done in less time.

Some of the applications listed below can save you hours of precious time when used efficiently.
The list compiled will make your business workflow and processes more efficient in some way.

The productivity apps to try in 2022

These productivity apps out there to help with everything from tracking tasks to storing files.

1. ToDoist

To start using the tool, all you need to do is writing down everything you need to accomplish. The software will figure out and categorize the most tasks for you based on your entries.

For example, if you create a task to “Have meeting with a client at 12pm tomorrow #meetings”, ToDoist will automatically schedule a reminder for you tomorrow at 12pm, and file the task into your “meetings” section.

ToDoist is more than just a personal productivity tool. It can also help you to keep your work team on track. This is a free for basic functionality. Besides that, it has paid premium features for full featured access for your entire team.

‍ 2. X.ai

This app is great for automatic scheduling. Thanks to X.ai, you can automate the whole process because it connects your calendar and is able to book meetings with people in your network with a single click, word, or email. You can control your tailored calendar and schedules events ‍ at your convenience.

3. CloudApp

CloudApp is the ultimate productivity app that can save your team up to 56 hours a week. 3 million users cannot be wrong. Forget about lengthy email. CloudApp combines annotated screenshots, GIFs and screen recording in one easy-to-use app. In few seconds, you capture, get and share an image, a screenshot, a webcam recording or a GIF, among others.

The free forever plan will get you started. For additional features, you can subscribe to an upgraded plan for just $9+ a month.

4. Notion

This tool can gather everything related to your daily tasks so that you do not need to open other applications and / or services while you are executing them. Notion is a great project management tool that can manage everything from ideas for videos and articles, proposals, projects and integrations with other services in a single window.

The service offers you a blank page that you can fill out with to-do lists, sub-lists, calendars, a Trello board, documents, attachments, texts and everything you need to complete your tasks efficiently. You can even insert maps.

5. Timely

This is one of fastest and most accurate way to track time for people and companies. It can automatically track all your work so you will never forget what you worked on. It shows you exactly how much time you spend on different tasks.

By tracking all the apps you use on web and desktop it helps you to highlight workflow obstacles, obtrusive apps and unproductive performances. The mobile apps can also track your GPS location, giving the full picture of what you actually do each day.

6. Toggl

This popular cloud-based time tracking apps is a simple, intuitive and easy to use. It can be use it both online and offline. It is mostly web-based, but does have apps for desktop, iOS, and Android that will sync together in real time. It has integrations for Chrome and Mozilla.

Toggl makes the whole process of time tracking, in both the 12-hour and 24-hour clock formats. When you have completed a task, Toggl will provide you detailed report that shows you how you spent your time. If you want to be more productive in the future, you have to analyze its findings and adjust the way you work.

This tool can be particularly useful for freelancers. Toggl has free and premium features that start at $9 a month per user.

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