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Mobile apps allow companies to analyze acquired data in the field services, to make the necessary adjustments according to the received information, and they can cooperate in real time with the supply chain.

The mobile technology boom has motivated more and more companies to dare enforcing this sort of tools to track their operations in real time.

The variety of field services –with a higher or lower level of complexity-, is as broad and extensive as the fields where the different companies specialize. For example, the air conditioning installation, pool cleaning, rat extermination, or even the retail sector, are some of the cases of field services that are finding mobile solutions to historical industry related problems.

A study by WBR Digital and Click Software revealed that only 21% of the respondents have detailed visibility into their field personnel’s daily activities. The dark spots of field operations are hard to brighten up without the proper tools that only technology can offer.

Field services are a suitable area to implement mobile tools, since all the operations that require going back to the head office, losing time and money, can be done much more efficiently via an app through the smartphone of a customer-facing team member on the field.

This is a benefit for the entire business, from management down, but the ones who are favored the most are the team members who perform field services with clients.

Mobile apps such as DataScope allow these companies to analyze acquired data in the field, to make the necessary adjustments according to the received information, and they can cooperate in real time with the supply chain.
Down below, an area where mobile apps such as DataScope can bring revolutionary solutions to clear the “dark spots” of field services:

Field services: Retail industry

In the retail industry, one of the most complicated situations for management is to gain visibility and how the products are presented to the client, which turns even more complex if those products are distributed at a large quantity of points of sale.

The greatest benefit of mobile solutions for the retail industry and other areas is that all the operations that are completed at the office, can be done just as easily through the smartphone. Mobile solutions are changing the traditional performance a 100%. For example, DataScope allows preparing reports from the sales point in an objective, simple and agile manner, having different validators of the collected information (Georeferencing, Time Stamp, Used Device and Signature).

Also, with DataScope, the stockers can send pictures of tasks performed through their smartphones. These pictures include the time and date where it was taken, making sure the work was carried out as planned. All the generated information, regarding the evaluation and dispatch data, will be automatically stored at DataScope website, delivering valuable indicators in real time, and it also allows comparing the performance between different team members.

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DataScope is the ideal tool to eliminate paper use, save time, and efficiently collect data from the field. It allows companies to streamline, organize and evaluate field work thanks to its online forms, which provide indicators in real time, 100% adaptable to any area.

With DataScope, your team can answer custom mobile forms from their phones or tablets, online or offline, through the app.

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