Best Mobile Forms Automation Softwares in 2022

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Most businesses that turn to mobile forms automation softwares want to improve their workflows by getting data submission in real time and to allow users to connect offline. These softwares can notify users about changes, progress and remaining tasks. They also provide helpful analytics from data retrieved, offering organizations relevant insights and the possibility to create tailored dashboards.

These are deployed by businesses to reduce the amount of time their employees spend on managing paperwork and to enable supervisors see, track, and store vital data in an improved manner. Thanks to these platforms, companies can create and manage almost any type of document, from invoices to incident reports, as well as securely store the gathered information.

The best mobile forms automation softwares

There is a wide variety of mobile forms automation softwares solutions that can be useful to make contact forms, sign-up forms or surveys in the market. Here, we have selected a few that were recommended by users:


DataScope is a field service management software. It stands out from the rest of the mobile forms automation softwares because it includes features such as contract management, customer database, electronic signature, routing, scheduling, service history tracking, work order management, contact database, payment collection in the field, inventory and dispatch management, among other things.

Now, you can also import surveys previously created on Google Forms in a very simple way. DataScope automatically identifies Google quiz questions and transcribes them into its own form builder.

Thanks to the DataScope Add-on, you can also link your Google Forms account with your DataScope account to obtain advanced functionalities.

DataScope is available in SaaS, Android, iPhone and iPad software. It is easy to use, inexpensive and allows you to carry out your surveys locally or globally. When there is no Internet access, the information collected goes directly to the cloud. This platform has easy to use dashboards and an API that allows integration with other systems.


GoFormz provides mobile forms and reporting solutions that ease data collection and help your company get accurate data, streamlined workflow and exhaustive reports that are essential to take appropriate business decisions. You can set up notifications that allow you to know any time a form is completed or send it over. You can add locations, images, and sketches. Once you upload a form, you can set it up pre-populated form fields to fill it out automatically.

This app is available on the Apple Store or on the Play Store. You can also use the desktop version. Goformz offers a 14-day free trial to check it out this mobile form solution.


Fulcrum is a mobile forms platform that enables users to build custom apps for collecting data in the field. All data collected is geotagged and synced to the cloud where is available for easy access. This tool is great for inspections, assessments, field audits, and more. You can include attachments in a variety of formats and export data for further analysis. This platform can be integrated with other services.

Using Fulcrum, you can create customized mobile forms, sync your custom forms to your mobile device, share information and collaborate in real time. This tool can also help you to manage your field staff, monitor their daily tasks and assign work to your team members. Field workers can collect geo-tagged data accurately and use this app on their iOs or Android devices.


ProntoForms is one of the leaders in field-first low-code application platforms for businesses. This solution offers a cloud-based field service software that help organizations to submit invoices, work orders, signatures, barcodes, time stamps and photos. Using this app, you can create forms and collect data using smartphones and tablets, manage users and collect documents and forms from anywhere. This form provides a variety of dashboards and reports to monitor and control field performance. ProntoForms is considered one of the easiest and quickest form automation solution.

Device Magic

Device Magic is a cloud-based mobile forms software and data collection app that provides customizable mobile forms to help on site teams delivering accurate and real-time data to the office. Data can be collected using any mobile devices and can be delivered in a variety of formats such as email, text, custom PDF, and more.

This software will allow you to build a data collection solution and automate your business data workflows. You could also integrate this platform with other tools such as like Box, Slack, Evernote, SQL, Zapier, and more.

Device Magic could be an asset for businesses of all sizes. It comes with a dispatch module, which allows users to send pre-populated forms and notify employees about their new tasks. Additionally, the analytics platform helps organizations create and share data charts, get insights, include maps and locations into forms and assign specific tasks to team members. The mobile applications work for Android and iOS devices and it is available on a monthly subscription.


JotForm is a cloud-based form automation solution used to publish online forms, collect order payments, and conduct customer surveys. You can also use it to manage job applications and register guests for events. It’s an easy-to-use form builder that integrates a variety of features and templates that can help you build and edit forms on your smartphone and tablet. Its interface is well-designed, it uses a simple drag-and-drop editor for rearranging form fields, and the settings pop up tidilly in a sidebar on the right.

This platform offers services on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via email, chat, training videos and an online support forum. It could integrated with other tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, MailChimp, PayPal, SalesForce and Zoho CRM among others.


Typeform is a cloud-based survey management solution designed for companies of all sizes. It offers survey design, configuration, distribution and analytics within a suite. It features a survey design, where users can create customized surveys using a drag-and-drop interface.

The templates include different types of questions, such as short-text answers, multiple choice questions, long-text answers, picture selections and drop-down menus. Users can also add photos and videos for each question and can distribute surveys using on-site pop-ups and push notifications.

Typeform also offers reports and dashboards, which allow users to track performance metrics such as unique visits, responses and survey completion status. Users can also view survey responses in real time. This software facilitate collaboration by allowing users to create tasks for surveys, assign them to people and share the surveys’ findings.


GoCanvas is a cloud-based mobile business management system designed to work on any smartphone, tablet or on Windows computer via Windows app. This solution provides a dispatch calendar that allows users to create and assign jobs to field operators. The form builder tool is used to create customized service forms such as contact management, billing, invoicing, work order management, and more.

GoCanvas allows for data integration with other platforms and the data auto-populates into the customized apps. This tool can significantly improve your business’ operations, enhance your company’s productivity and cut out some redundancies.

It is great for remote management. Some users think that its reporting options are quite limited. However, it is a powerful and easy to use solution that is available on a per user monthly subscription. The company provides support via phone, email and live chat.


MaintainX is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage work orders through digital forms. Designed for small to midsize businesses, it has custom templates to build checklists, record enterprise procedures and assess readings on existing digital forms.

This platform enables users to monitor and manage individual tasks and share reports with clients and employees alike. You can also add content on photos and share them with your team. It can help you keep track of information gathered by onsite workers or customers.

One disadvantage is that MaintainX does not count with an archive option for those work orders that have been closed. As a matter of fact, they still appear on the alerts.

This mobile application work for Android and iOS devices. There are paid plans and a free version.


PDFfiller is a cloud-based form automation solution for small to midsize businesses, which want to switch to digital forms. PDFfiller enables users to create fillable PDF forms from scratch or convert existing forms.

Users can also place images, logos, notes, text boxes, hyperlinks and video tutorials in PDFs. They can also use auto-fill forms by automatically getting data from a database or Excel sheet. Users can capture e-signatures and convert PDFs to and from DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT and JPG formats.

Have you tried some of these platforms? What tools do you use to create mobile forms? Leave us your opinion in the comments section.

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