How to use online forms to increase your company’s efficiency?

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In previous articles we mentioned the advantages of mobile forms to improve your business, and we offered 10 reasons to dismiss paper forms. But if you are still not sure how your company should use the benefits of online forms, we can give you some helpful clues.
To avoid repeating ourselves with what we have said in those articles, we’ll only say that the scope of application of an online form is immense, and it boasts great versatility as well, since it can be used in any field where paper forms are currently being used. It’s quite useful for several industries aiming at solving any situations where it’s necessary to fill in data. To find out if your company can gain efficiency and productivity with these tools, we propose you 3 questions:

  1. Do you feel a lot of time is wasted when being reported of the activities your staff carries out, or do you feel you are getting too little information?
  2. Is it hard for you to evaluate the work of each one of your employees?
  3. Would you like that all the information regarding your field operations were consolidated in one place, instantly?

If any of these answers was affirmative then it’s time to evaluate how can online forms become part of your company’s needs, and how it can boost the productivity in areas where the traditional forms aren’t working properly anymore.
It sounds easy. But this brings up an important question: what kind of benefits can the online forms offer to companies looking for innovation? Let’s see some examples.
Applying online forms
The main advantage of online forms is that they allow transforming any physical form to a digital one. That way, online forms become 100% adaptable to what the customers need according to the field they are applied to, from quality control checklists for the construction or telephone services industries, to adaptable forms that can improve the visibility of products in the retail field.
Our recommendation is to carefully evaluate which areas in your company could increase their productivity thanks to one of these forms, taking into account the following advantages they provide (thanks to ei-forms):

  1. They organize the work methodology. Because they offer clear steps to process each form: selection of the form, loading, verification and storage of data, submission and impression.
  2. They save time to load and and access the data. Because most of the data is pre-charged and can be selected with only one click.
  3. They include a section of links to websites closely related to your work. This way, you can find the data you need available online.
  4. They allow verifying the consistency of the loaded data, because it checks that no mistakes were made during the data load and because each form “adapts” to the ongoing process.
  5. They store the data. Because the data could be used later on without having to load them again.
  6. They allow sending data and forms online. Because the loaded data can be sent via e-mail.
  7. It optimizes the readability of printed forms. Because the data is printed in the highest quality. And in some cases the carbon paper is eliminated thus reducing the number of comments to the presented procedures.

After knowing these advantages, surely you’ll be thinking that online forms could be a big chance of adding innovation in your company and increasing the efficiency at the same time, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Now you just need to use them!

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