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Running a business is not easy. Managing resources, customers and delivering good products and services while trying to increase profitability is a challenge, to say the least. To improve business productivity, it is necessary to take advantage of all the available resources to get the most benefits with the least effort. Below, we share some recommendations that can be very useful to improve your managerial skills.

Automation software

Many hours are wasted each year documenting and recording information on paper. By using a workflow automation software, businesses can save thousands of hours that would otherwise be wasted on form-filling. By switching from manual to digital systems, record keeping becomes automatic, saving additional time. Even more, by automating forms and workflows, your employees can focus more on their areas’ issues, increasing their productivity and your company’s.
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Flexibility in the workplace

According to a study carried out by the University of Warwick, happy employees are 12% more productive. By increasing satisfaction, your company will see an explosion in business productivity. One way to invest in making your employees happy is to offer a flexible work environment. People like to organize their own time as they please, so you should provide them with flexible hours, remote working options, or more vacation time. This gives employees the freedom to choose how to be their most effective and to feel more comfortable.

Workflow organization

Implement an organization system that allows you to track your employees records and workloads. These systems have been designed to help teams communicate regularly about projects, tasks or long-term objectives. In addition, it is necessary that the members meet on a daily basis to analyse their tasks and challenges. These discussions will help them synchronize and collectively find the way to deal with unforeseen problems and circumstances.

Employee development

Employees, as previously discussed, are most productive when satisfied and engaged. They are the most valuable assets and truly the backbone of an organization. Every worker in his/her own way contributes towards the success or failure of an organization. Employers must invest time and resources in training and developing their workforce, and encourage employee growth opportunities through active learning and the evolution of personal and professional skills.
Give your employees the tools for professional success and encourage them to take over new responsibilities. This will make them identify as an important part of the organization. Feeling valued is the key to employee loyalty, which leads to greater business productivity.

Use natural light

Several studies have shown that artificial office light is more aggressive than natural light and tends to agitate workers, which can cause lower productivity. To avoid the decrease in efficiency that comes from the use of artificial light, you must find ways to include a more natural one in your workplace. You can, for example, set the desks near the windows and avoid blocking the light that crosses them. If you cannot use sunlight, consider using lights that produce a warmer tone (yellows and oranges) and try to avoid those with a colder tone (blue and purple).
These small changes can have a significant impact on your company productivity and on the mood of the workers. Through a combination of tools like workflow software and morale-focused approaches, your teams will be happier and better prepared to tackle projects of any scale. Invest in these solutions and watch your company transform into an efficiency juggernaut.

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