Benefits of using quality inspection software

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What is quality inspection software? It is an app-based solution that facilitate QC inspections. Quality inspection software is commonly used on a smartphone or tablet that replaces spreadsheets and paper. It helps quality inspectors to schedule QC jobs, input product information, evaluate workloads, send information to stakeholders, and share results with management in real time.

How quality inspection software can help your company save money?

This software can help your company to save money, time and resources. Here are some examples of how:

Reduce mistakes

Needless mistakes can cost your company a lot of time and money, especially when it comes to quality inspections,  the cost of undetected problems could be quite significant.  Using quality inspection software ensures that the work is executed in a methodical  manner, reducing the chances of mistakes being made.

Provide statistics

quality inspection software can collect statistics in a database and analyze them. Some reliable software packages offer a database of useful figures and analysis, allowing you or managers to make discernment that inform your inspection processes.

Identify recurring issues

Another benefit of having the statistics package as part of the software is that it enables you to spot issues at factories. These recurring issues sometimes are not being resolved by the suppliers and may not even be getting acknoweledged by the inspectors, but can be resolved thanks to the quality inspection software.

Reduce paperwork

We have already pointed out that using software can reduce the time wasted by finishing reports in a fast manner after inspections. By using a software, you can have all the necessary information on a mobile or tablet application. Another advantage to this is that you reduce paper usage and all the data is all stored in one place, accessible to all, avoiding duplication, corruption of files and data lost.

Cheaper and easier-to-use hardware

As mentioned above, inspectors can do their work on either a mobile phone or a tablet with the quality inspection software app installed, which saves them from having to carry a bulky laptop computer around with them or conducting the inspection on paper and transferring the information over later. These handsets don’t need to be top of the range Apple either, merely reliable and affordable products.

Real time reporting

Not only does the new reporting system save time for the inspectors, but it also enables the buying office and the suppliers to see everything from the inspection as soon as the handset is able to transmit it via wifi or cellular data. This means that everything can start to be actioned immediately and decisions can be made much more quickly.

Faster transmission of information


Forget about reports sent after 11pm. Forget about phone conversations with the quality manager, trying to understand the gist of the situation without full information. It is a great recipe for misunderstandings and poor decisions.
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