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The digital transformation is changing the way of doing business. Entrepreneurs need to keep ahead with the new development and acknowledge the fact that technology and digital trends made entrepreneurship easier and help them to connect their companies with potential clients.

Digital transformation has been the buzzword in recent years. The real transformation will take the rein and accelerates, not only changing businesses but redefining industries and transforming services and users experience. We will begin to see artificial intelligence and machine learning implementations for many repetitive and routine tasks in industries, such as shipping, retail and IT. Do not expect a revolution overnight from the machines, but a gradual introduction of new strategies with some bumps in the road.

Here we have 5 digital trends:

1. Apps will get smarter

“We’ll take gargantuan strides in embedding near-instant intelligence in IoT-enhanced cities, organizations, homes and vehicles” predicted Guarav Chand, senior VP of global solutions for Dell EMC. voice recognition is going to play a major part in advancing the e-commerce applications in a plethora of ways.

Blake Brannon, vice president of product marketing at VMware, a corporation focused on virtualization and cloud infrastructure, believes that while applications will continue to exist and will do many more things than at present. since they will get integrated with other platforms such as agenda, email, flight information, etc.

The executive expect them to integrate with others in a way that, a person could go from one to another without closing and opening different apps in a very easy and transparent way. “The idea is that in the future all could be done from a single app, without having to open and close several. As in WeChat”, explains Brannon.

2. Big data analytics will be used to optimize production processes

The need of companies to perform data analysis will produce a technological innovation and many changes into the Big Data ecosystem. These advances will be mandatory for all companies that do not want to be left behind in the market. Therefore, the Business Intelligence model will begin to be a reality from large multinationals to small startups.

Big Data will be a top
digital trend and we will be able to see all the advances that topic has promised us this year. One of the priorities for companies is the management of data and resources integrating multiple base technologies. And this year is going to be key for business intelligence. The technologies based on Big Data will be asked to predict and anticipate the needs and demands of consumers and prescribe commercial actions.

3. Internet of Things will grow rapidly

Internet of Things is changing our lifes. IOT is a concept that is based on the interconnection of any product with any other around it. From a book to the refrigerator in your own home. It is network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment.

IoT systems will be a digital trend and more devices will become connected and capable of speaking to each other, AI – deep learning, natural language processing, image recognition and neural-network driven decision-making – will help them to understand each other, and us.

4. Users experience will become more relevant

People expect to interact with digital products the way they normally would with each other, and designers should prepare digital products to deliver on those expectations. Creating personalised experiences and user-responsive design and would be a digital trend this year. Conversational interfaces are definitely seeing an increase as people are demanding a more customized interaction.

5. Edge computing

If you think you have already been pushed to the edge when it comes to digital transformation and digital trends for the year that we have just started, look around. Just when many companies are finally beginning to move toward cloud computing, edge computing — is raising to the forefront of the business scene.

Edge computing is a method of optimising cloud computing systems by performing data processing at the edge of the network, near the source of the data. data being processed close to your device, rather than traveling “all the way” to the cloud.

The Edge is not just faster; it also processes data in real-time and it becoming a great option for the future of data storage and processing. With edge computing, a network gateway device might gather information from nearby connected devices (all the robotics in a factory, for example) for processing and analysis, increasing speed and efficiency. It’s a change that gives businesses of any size the ability to acquire, analyse, and act on data in real time.

These are some of the digital trends that will continue developing during this year and will help us to improve our relationships with our clients, increase our conversion rates and upgrade our business processes.

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