Why having a website is so important for your business?

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Internet has completely changed the way people look for information, make purchases and connect to brands, so it is essential to reach consumers through a variety of platforms.
Today we have many social networks that allow the creation of free or low-cost profiles and some people wonder if it is still necessary to have a website. The answer is yes, since there are many users who make their queries through Google and other search engines and if your company does not appear when your potential customers are looking for your products or services you will lose the chance of making a sale and position your company in the market.
A website can have a positive impact on the sales, productivity and market value of a company. No matter the size of the company, at present it is very important to reach consumers in a massive and easy way for them. While it is true that there are many social networks where you can advertise your products for free, having a website raises the prestige of the company and allows your customers to increase the level of confidence towards your products or services. However, it is not enough just to have a website. To achieve success, the site must be easy to navigate, informative and provide a good user experience.

Why should your company have a website?


To ensure your customers find you online
A high percentage of the population search for information on Google and other search engines. If your business does not appear on their ranking when your customers are looking for your products or services, they won’t know about your company.
Achieve global reach
With a website all the people with Internet access will be able to reach your business and you can keep them informed about your offers and new products through informative publications and promotions.
Increase your company´s prestige
Any entrepreneur wants his company to be considered of high prestige and quality.This not only depends on the product and service or what the company can say or stop saying. Nor does it strictly depend on sales. The prestige and quality can be achieved through a positioning campaign and for that it is essential to have a website.
To get your content on Google Search
Currently, most people search for references on the largest search engine in the world: Google. In order to be indexed on this search engine, you need to have a website. Having only social networks is not enough, much less when customers are demanding for information.
Improve your corporate image
The goal of having online presence is to provide the best possible user experience, so with a website you can decide exactly what information you want to show and how to do it.
Maximize opportunities
Having all your relevant information in one place allows your customers to clear their doubts at the time they are looking for you and do not lose sales opportunities for that reason.
Perform analysis and measurements in order to optimize your website
If you have a website, you can measure the traffic to your site, the engagement and other relevant metrics that help you to make relevant changes to continue improving the user experience and your search engine rankings, among many other things.
To expand your business
To acquire more customers, you need more leads and to generate more leads, you need more visitors. And to acquire more visitors, you need that a user friendly and informative website. This channel is often the first contact between your company and your prospective customer, therefore, it is not an element that you should take it so lightly. To get great results you need to put some effort on it.
Having a website is a vital part of a Digital Marketing strategy with focus on results. It is the channel that will help you to gain authority in the market, to expand your business, to increase your sales and communicate with the audience. If your business does not yet have a web page, do not waste your time and start creating it now.
If you already have a website, this is the first step. Then you will have to start measuring conversions using google analytics, making the necessary changes to optimize your site, updating the design, planning the content, having responsive design so your site could look great on mobile devices, and many other things.

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