Why agriculture industry should go digital?

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A digital farm is far more efficient and sustainable than traditional ones. Digital farming consists in applying new technologies such as data science, digital communication channels, and automation and sensors on the field. This way more and more farmers have access to better insights to take more informed decisions in order to improve productivity and reduce waste.
The agriculture industry provides a diverse types of careers, including farm workers, laboratory teams, engineers, veterinarians and more. When these diverse teams have to work together to complete a project, good communication could make things easier and more efficient. Collecting data digitally, using mobile forms, can help agriculture teams work more accurately and effectively because the gathered information can help farmers to improve efficiency, enhance yield potential and manage better risks,
Digitization provides competent digital solutions to farm data collection. Digitizing your forms collection will allow your team to work and collaborate in a more efficient way. In a digital farm, if there’s something wrong with an animal or a plantation, all the workers need to do is complete the service report and send it to the central office as soon as possible.

Benefits of digital farming

Digital agriculture has the key to increased efficiency on the farm. Digital technologies including mobile technologies, data analytics, artificial intelligence and other digital solutions are changing agricultural practices.
These are some of the benefits that come with digital farming:

Expedite communication

Automated workflows are very helpful for agriculture teams. Using paper forms, data need to be manually collected, delivered and processed. With mobile forms and automations, agriculture data can be easily collected in the field and instantly sent to the central office and customers. These automations not only improve efficiencies across your operation, but also improve client communication and productivity.

Effective monitoring

Technology can allow farmers to better assess the general health of your crops. Tools such as drones can be used to predict soil quality and planning seed planting patterns. Today, animations can show the development of a crop enabling a better management. This also helps farmers monitor pest populations and weed activity on their land.

Easily input images and attachments

Manual forms don’t allow to include attachments that accompany them. On the other hand, when using mobile forms, you can attach images and sketches straight from your mobile device. They also allow to input GPS coordinates and maps which are very handy to identified the exact location of the user. Users can even include digital signature boxes.

You can connect your forms with other apps and databases

Using paper forms, agriculture data must be manually gathered, delivered and shared with a variety of systems. This method might result in delays and human errors. By deploying mobile forms, you can push and pull their data between their forms and other platforms. Attachments can even be uploaded to digital records apace with form PDFs. Thus, databases, spreadsheets and analytics dashboards can also be instantaneously updated to reflect new data.

Informed decisions


Farmers will be able to quantify and understand the performance of each decision in a way we’ve never been able to do before. Digital technology has changed the way managers take decisions, as well as the methods and practices to achieve goals. Farmers will benefit from digital transformation in agriculture because they will get a better crop and new methods to manage them.
Farms are getting a new generation of professionals of applied sciences, who are able to read and interpret data collected from the field. They are also using Big Data and smart algorithms to solve issues with the crop. At present, farmers have at their fingertips more insights from multiple technology providers, and they are able to get real time insights while using an app.
It’s time that farmers start taking advantage of the technology they have at their disposal.

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