What role have mobile solutions played for companies?

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What roles are mobile solutions playing for companies today, and how can we predict the importance they will have in the future that’s on the brink of arriving?

Mobile solutions aren’t an ideal prototype of apps as they were a few years ago. We saw them become available to the market, in a permanent evolution, penetrating deeply into the business world and turning more and more into critical solutions, which impact directly on the success of the companies’ operations.

Mobility is now more than ever an essential element, basically a condition to obtain higher revenues and to ensure higher levels of competitiveness. Mobile solutions are now part of the assets that organizations depend on, and the focus is set on the ways of increasing their productivity and efficiency in processes in which technology isn’t involved, apart from expecting higher profits.

Despite mobile apps not being as massive as suppliers would want them to be, it’s important to admit that the market has assimilated them as a proper communication alternative.

As the Manager of Business Development for Cisco Systems for South America explains in the publication, “Companies consider that mobility is a critical element for their business, and the adoption of [mobile solutions] represents an advantage but also a necessity to prevail as an organization because there is no other way for a company to remain attached to its clients and suppliers than through connectivity and mobility mechanisms”.

What’s to come in mobile solutions?

Marcus Adä, vicepresident of strategic suppliers at Avnet Technology Solutions, points out that “Interacting thanks to a mobile device is something natural and intuitive for the new generations (…). As the technology expands further, the opportunities for mobile technologies to improve the workflow seem to show no limits”.

Adä adds that the news next year will have to do with “Mobility coming to be a way of working and living, and as an accelerator of the adoption of the cloud by companies allowing a more flexible approach to collaboration, data sharing and time management. At the same time, the fast migration to the cloud by the main apps (…) and other productivity tools is speeding up the pace of mobile solutions, hence boosting mobile workers”.

The experts wonders who will benefit from this growth, and ends that “It’s not something easy to say, but what is certain is that in the future, mobility will represent a great opportunity for the channel, especially in terms of service management and mobile security”.

El Mercurio published an opinion column by Ramón Heredia, manager of Innovation Ecosystem, GrupoComponente, DigitalBankLa.com, who states that besides from social networks, cloud computing and Big Data, mobile solutions will be the areas of technological innovation which will experience the highest growth in the next years. “Each one of these mega-trends will allow the development of innovations that will change, and in many cases, will improve our lives”, says Heredia.

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