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Technological development has had a profound impact on business, both in the organizational and management aspects as well as in the technical aspects. There are many benefits that new technologies can bring to companies, but for entrepreneurs to take advantage of these tools is necessary to familiarize themselves with them and to be aware of new developments.

Benefits of technology in business

The main advantages of technology in business is a productivity rise due, mainly, to the automation that leads to a reduction in human errors and a cutback in production and distribution costs. By saving resources, companies can allocate more time and workforce to the marketing and promotion tasks to reach new markets.

The technological resources, in addition, grant greater flexibility to the workers and allow them to carry out their tasks from any place. In fact, currently, there are a large number of tools and platforms that allow teleworking.

Within technological advances, mobile solutions are becoming an asset to achieve success. Among its benefits include:
Resource optimization of time

Operating times and costs are drastically reduced since many meetings and activities are no longer necessary and could be carried out remotely.
Better and faster customer service

Mobile solutions helps your customer service to deal with clients requests immediately allowing for more efficient communication between company and clients.

Employees can work from anywhere
Another great advantage provided by technology is improvements in communication, since digital tools you help you to work more efficiently with colleagues that are functioning miles away.

Mobile solutions allow companies to have unprecedented connectivity among their employees. These technological evolution are changing the definition of office that is not longer  limited to a single physical space.

Well informed employees

Companies are introducing a wide range of mobile solutions that aim to increase employees information and knowledge. Many of today’s business mobility solutions are focused on offering employees permanent access to email, calendar and contacts or to management software such as ERPs or CRMs which can improve the services offered to customers.
The impact of mobile technology on business.
Digital transformation is closely related and depend on mobile technology. The tablets or smartphones have become great allies of business and e-commerce and the evolution of apps has allowed companies to reach a wider market.
The development of mobile devices has also enabled entrepreneurs and workers to communicate with each other from anywhere in the world, which has generated a positive impact on the productivity of companies as a result of the optimization of production, logistics and distribution processes. 

How to implement mobile solutions in your company?

Before implementing mobile technology solutions in your company, you should analyze the following aspects:

Mobile equipment. It is necessary to define what kind of hardware you will need, the cost of the equipment, their functions and minimum requirements.

Mobile software. It is essential to evaluate what types of mobile software your company will need and their associated costs (initial investment, monthly payments, etc.). If you do not have the means to digitize all your operations, give priority to those solutions that you need to be implemented with greater urgency.

Infrastructure. You must consider how many technical elements, communication channels and specialized infrastructure your company will need for the implementation of mobile technology.
Data plans: The costs of these plans will depend on the volume of data and the type of contract. It is advisable to estimate the volume of data with certain amplitude, since the costs for excess consumption are usually quite expensive.

Support: It is necessary to analyze if you have the specialized personnel to perform the required functions within the company or if you will need the advice of an external professional or another company.

At present, mobility has a very important role in many companies. These solutions allow them to respond quickly to the market demands while maintaining an increasingly efficient communication with its customers.
Companies that do not have the new digital tools are losing points in today’s  market. In conclusion, mobile technologies have become “tools of development” for many companies, since they can contribute to increase their productivity and revenues, foster innovation and provide new ways to please your customers.

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