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Excel may seem frightening at first, but by just starting to use the program for basic tasks in your work, you will understand how it works and also how it can make your life much easier. This Microsoft program can perform all kinds of mathematical operations using spreadsheets. Excel is one of the most used tools in business, engineering, accountancy and other industries. Therefore, if you work on areas such as economics or administration, it becomes a necessity to learn excel to manage inventory, human resources and finances.

Excel has also proven to be a skill that increases your chances of getting a job and can help you accelerate your career in many different directions. Microsoft Excel is one of the most used software applications of all time. Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Microsoft Excel. You can use it to enter all sorts of data and perform financial, mathematical or statistical calculations.

If you think that you need to improve your excel skills, there are many online free options. Here we have selected few of them.  

Excel 2019: From beginner to intermediate (MOS cert MO-200)

Udemy offers over 150,000 online courses, many of which are free. Fifty million students from all over the world have taken classes on Udemy. As one of the world’s leading virtual learning platforms, they have some excellent resources for mastering Excel, and this course is one of the best.

In this free online Excel course, you will learn how to:

  • Create, configure, and save workbooks and worksheets.
  • Customize views and options.
  • Insert data; learn how to format ranges and cells.
  • Create and modify tables.
  • Highlight, sort, group, and filter ranges, tables, and cells.
  • Create and format charts.
  • Insert and format objects and modify images.
  • Create formulas and edit text.
  • Configure workbooks and worksheets to print

The course has been designed for the latest version of Excel (2019), and consist on 11.5 hours of video training, 13 articles, and 29 downloadable resources, which can be accessed on mobile, laptop, or TV. After completion, you will receive a certificate from Udemy.  You can learn more information about this course or enroll here.

Excel for Windows Training

Microsoft offers its own training in their office 365 training center, where you will find 14 modules that include tutorials, videos, and other resources. While most of the training are intended to windows, you will also find tutorials for Mac OS as well as Android, iOS, and even windows phone. Not only does the training cover the latest version of Excel, but you can learn how to use older ones too. Each module is divided into different skill levels, so you can choose the level that suit you best according to your knowledge and needs (beginner, intermediate user, or advanced). If you need further information about this training, visit this page.

Free Online Excel Training

This excel training, offered by Excel Exposure and created by Ben Currier, provides step-by-step lessons for learning Excel. He is a four-time recipient of the Microsoft MVP award and an entrepreneur. Besides the free lessons, he offers more comprehensive paid tutorials. However, free training is enough to learn the most important topics.

The lessons are divided into levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—so you can jump right in wherever you feel comfortable. If you have never even opened an Excel spreadsheet, this is the ideal program to start with. There is a downloadable workbook and Excel sheet to use in conjunction with the video tutorials. Ben even has a section for those still using older versions of the program. All in all, this is one of the best free Excel courses you can find online. If you are interested in this training, get more information here.

The Spreadsheet Page

This site has been created to share professionally designed spreadsheet templates since 2005. It is very well-organized platform that provide many helpful Excel tips collected by an expert named John Walkenbach. He has written more than 60 Excel books for users of all levels, and around 300 articles and reviews for specialized magazines. The Spreadsheet Page includes Excel Tips, which has a long list of useful information on formatting, formulas, charts and graphics. You can learn to create your own documents and customize your data. This site provides you professional excel file templates that fit your needs and editable workbook files. Learn more here.

Excel Easy Tutorials

Excel Easy is a website offering free Excel training for 2007 to 2019 versions. It works like a glossary and include tutorials for those who have never used Excel before and examples to help you with anything you might need to master this program. It also covers the following topics:

  • Basics: 11 tutorials including workbooks worksheets, and templates.
  • Functions: 11 tutorials including financial, statistical and more.
  • Data Analysis: 9 tutorials including conditional formatting, charts, and pivot tables
  • VBA: 16 tutorials including creating a macro, range object, array, and ActiveX controls

Get more details here.

Excel for Marketers Crash Course

As a marketer, you will need multiple systems to manage your data, including Google Analytics and a CRM. Excel can be a powerful tool to analyze; however, if you are not familiar with this program, master it can be challenging. In this course, you will learn how to import your data into Excel and use the different functions; learn the value of tables and how to use them, how to create your own metrics dashboard, and how to automatically update your data regularly.

The course consist on 3 lessons, 11 videos and 3 quizzes. You will learn to:

  • Format data in Excel and use formulas to gather insights
  • Use tables to sort data and create pivot tables.
  • Create your own metrics dashboard.

You can get more details about this course or enroll here.

Excel 2016

These is another free course offered by GCF Global. It starts with the basics of Excel and moves through pivot tables. The course includes 24 tutorials, 5 bonus extras, and a quiz created to test your knowledge. This free Excel 2016 tutorial can show you how to create formulas and charts, use functions, format cells, and do more with your data.

You can start anytime you like at any lesson without any signup process. GCF Global is a program of the Goodwill Communities Foundation headquartered in North Carolina, organization that offers free classes in over 200 topics and feature tutorials, videos, interactive lessons, games, and more.  By visiting this page, you can learn more about this course.

Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel

This free online introductory Excel course, offered by edX, has been designed to teach data analysis features of Excel-based on Excel 2016. To take this course, you should have a basic understanding of how cells are formatted and how to create formulas. There are free and paid versions of the training. It you want to get a verified certificate, you will need to pay a fee.

During the 4-week program, you will learn how to:

  • Create flexible data aggregations using pivot tables
  • Visually represent data using pivot charts.
  • Filter data using slicers in multiple pivot tables
  • Calculate margins and other ratios using calculation on pivot tables
  • Use slicers to filter data in multiple pivot tables.
  • Create aggregate reports using formula based techniques.

Click here if you are looking for further information.

Trump Excel Free Training

This is an e-learning resource that consist in 26 lessons taught by a Microsoft MVP instructor. There are no signups or paywalls and each lesson cover a specific concept.

The program covers diverse topics, from the most fundamental topics to the most advanced programming concepts. The course has been designed in a sequence so you can learn step-by-step. You will learn pivot tables, data analysis, formulas, charts, and everything in between. Each module goes over every topic in detail, and the training works for all Excel versions currently on the market.

Besides the free Excel Training (12+ Hours of Basic/Advanced videos) you have these following options:

  • Excel Dashboard Course
  • Excel VBA Course
  • Excel Power Query Course

The site ( also includes free Excel templates. You can get more information about the Trump Excel Free Training here.

Are Free Excel Courses Worth It?

Definitely. If you have the motivation, initiative, and time to make the effort, taking some free classes in Excel will pay off for the rest of your career. Expanding upon your skills will be very helpful for your professional development and will give you a leg up over the competition. If you have your own business, getting a better understanding of how Excel works can provide you the tools you need to analyze all aspects of your operations. Having a good knowledge will help you to collect and organize your data efficiently; bringing profitability to your business.

In general, there are no restrictions to take a free course in Excel; however, even if you have never used a spreadsheet in your life, as long as you have the program downloaded, you can start learning how to utilize it from the beginning.

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