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Do you want to eliminate paper forms to achieve greater efficiency and save time, but you still do not know what digital platform is most appropriate for your company?
Here we show you a brief comparison between offline and online forms that can help you to clarify your doubts.

Benefits of offline forms

They work without connectivity
Offline surveys allow companies or other organizations to collect information with a paper form or using computers or mobile devices that do not need to be connected to a server, the Internet or mobile data. If there is no connectivity, the responses will be sent once a connection has been established
You can collect data from any location
Offline survey forms allow you to collect information with a tablet or smartphone from outside the city or any remote locations. You can carry out marketing surveys in bars, shopping malls, or even public transport. The possibilities are endless.
They can be used in web, iOS and Android
Most of the new modalities of offline surveys can be deployed on various operating systems such as websites, iOS, and Android, making this tools accessible to any user. 24 hours a day.
You can add rich content
The interviewer can add extra content in the survey, such as photos from the place where the survey is conducted, signatures, the GPS location where it was surveyed and the time to verify the accuracy.
They can also be online
The main advantage of the latest versions of offline surveys is that whenever they have an Internet connection or access to mobile data, they can send the results of the survey in real time.

Advantages of online forms


You can generate reports in real time
Offline forms could not be performed in real time and you must wait until all the information is entered to get the results. If you use online forms, the data can be sent at the time of being collected and can be reviewed and analyzed immediately. This factor is essential, since it allows your company to generate reports at a much faster pace and make proactive rather than reactive decisions.
They are easy to use
In general, these forms are very easy to use and allow you to collect data in a way much faster than offline forms. In the market there are many options available to choose the one that best fit your company’s needs.
Its cost is low
Online forms are very convenient from an economic point of view. You only need a device, internet and an app that creates a form. There are companies that for a very reasonable price offer you customized apps at reasonable prices-
Comply with accessibility standards
Ideal to comply with public institutions accessibility standards ensuring that everyone, including those with disabilities, can access to the forms.
Improves customer service
By accelerating your business processes, online forms allow you to speed up service delivery improving your customer experience. You can respond proactively to your customers needs and communicate with them in an easy and comfortable way. Finally, online forms facilitate to your clients the process of sending comments or feedback which benefits your company in general.
They collect more accurate data
Using online forms can increase efficiency, standardization and accuracy in the information gathering process. The forms can use on mobile devices and tablets, which increase substantially reach and visibility of your forms.
Gather Accurate Data
An online form maker can reduce costs and increase efficiency, standardisation and accuracy. You can guarantee you will be asking for consistent feedback and also ensure that you capture the data that you require to meet your stated objectives. Forms can be responsive across mobile devices and tablets, therefore widening the reach of how many people can access your form to fill it in. Online forms allow data to be captured in a consistent manner that help to build and maintain a relationship with potential customers and, eventually, convert them into clients.
Increase Conversion Rates
Online forms can be embedded into any landing page on your website with the objective of capturing visitor details at the most applicable time. This could be a new lead for your sales team or prospect for your nurture programme. Once data is captured, and if consent is given, the data can be used for future marketing campaigns, regular communications or even event and loyalty programmes.
Offline or online, it is important that each organization choose alternative that better suits their objectives. Only you know what type of form your organization needs and how to apply it in the most effective way.

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