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Technology has transformed the way businesses operate. In many industries, employees don’t work in the office and spend most of the time in the field where they need to collect and submit data in real-time to ensure that business workflows keep moving forward. In the old days, they were using paper forms to do that, but times have changed and with the development of digital technology, mobile forms have become the most efficient way to collect information easily and fast. Making the switch from paper forms to digital forms will accelerate the process and reduce the error.
Here are some of the ways mobile forms can be used by your business.

  • Collecting data from remote work locations

Many industries have to develop their project in remote or rural location without a reliable Internet connection. In these circumstances, a mobile form app delivers a solution for gathering all requested information and doing the job quickly and efficiently. Due to their offline functionality, mobile forms can collect data in real-time, regardless of where a jobsite is located.

  • Daily job reports

Daily reports are essential for businesses because they contain details on how workers and supervisors spent their day including their achievements and challenges. Analysing daily job reports could help managers to understand how much progress everybody is doing and how to help your team to meet deadlines. Some employees send an email at the end of the day informing about their work while others call their supervisor to report updates. With mobile forms, employees don’t need to worry about having a computer or internet connection because everything is submitted to the right person through a mobile app right on the employee’s mobile device.

  • Deliveries and fleet management

Mobile forms can improve the efficiency of your delivery and logistics services. For each shipment done, delivery drivers need to fill out paper forms. By using mobile forms, they can complete their required paperwork, include photos, GPS and time stamping data, and get all the information send it back to the office instantly. In this industry is fundamental to keep the company informed about the status of the distribution, timing and journeys. Having access to this data sooner allows dispatchers to keep clients better informed of progress at every stage of transport and delivery.

  • Maintenance reports

Every time a maintenance work is carried out, a summary of the work need to be completed in order to explain all the details. Accurate maintenance reports can help you to get prepared for future tasks and to understand better forthcoming problems. Historical maintenance data needs to be reachable and digitalization makes them available at all times leaving tedious searches through old paper files in the past. All those maintenance reports will help you to keep organized historical maintenance data that you might need in the future. Mobile forms can simplify the data collection process and can be used to create maintenance reports.

  • Dispatch Forms

Dispatched forms can contain pre-populated data such as an address, product codes or any other data that you want to be included. With mobile forms, you can dispatch forms to your team in the field to notify them of a new job or to provide fresh or real time data. Using this tool, dispatches can be sent to techs and workers live on their mobile devices and can be accessed at any time.

  • Supply chain management

This involves the movement and storage of materials, of work-in-process inventory, and of finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Keep track of what supplies and parts that are being used and when items leave your facility in real-time is easier with a mobile forms solution. You can match up this data with order and delivery information or even use it with your maintenance records to see which parts were used during service.

  • Billing & Invoices

Mobile forms can significantly speed up your billing processes, meaning you can send an invoice to a customer automatically after completing a job.
Accessing real-time data from mobile forms allows managers to keep track of the materials that are being used or purchased for the different tasks so customers can be billed back throughout the job, instead of waiting until the end of the project.
Many organizations have already made the switch from paper forms to mobile forms in order to gather and share data more accurately and efficiently. These companies have found themselves saving time and money and streamlining their operations. If you’d like to know more about how mobile forms can help your business, contact us. With our Form Builder you can create and powerful forms easily.

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