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Businesses today need to provide the appropriate conditions for teams in the field to collect data while they are working outside the office. Fleet management companies usually provide with tablets and smartphones to their staff in the field to allow them collecting and sending information in real-time. Digitizing your fleet management forms will certainly help your business to improve their fleet activity and services.

Benefits of using mobile forms for fleet management

These are some of the advantages of using fleet management mobile forms:

  • Improved service

Mobile form apps help workers to be better prepared to do their job by providing relevant information to the customers about matters such as order status, delivery time, warranty and information to keep clients better informed of progress of transportation and delivery processes.

  • Enhanced communication at workplace

Mobile forms make easier to manage drivers and enhance communication and collaboration within a team. By using mobile fleet management forms, you can have access to GPS data and maps directly from a user’s device. Thanks to real-time access to information, fleet management teams can effortlessly oversee the progress of their drivers and cargo.

  • Easy access information

Mobile form platforms give different options for moving data around your organization. Real-time dispatching, form forwarding, form retrieval, automated emails and reports, form emailing and data integration facilitate the access to information without any intermediaries. Mobile forms can grant instant access to information in every department which allow forms to move between multiple people while having the capacity to control what information can be seen, edited, or filled out.

  • Improved accuracy

Paper forms and manual data entry can generate errors and miscalculations. With mobile fleet management forms, you can calculate mileage and fuel expenses instantly. Additionally, you can estimate delivery times and provide a better customer service.

  • Better fleet service

Fleet management apps allow drivers and field employees to complete challenging tasks. By using mobile forms drivers can include photos, GPS and time stamping data in the field, and send it back to the office instantly so the office can get a real-time understanding of the status of the job, vehicle, and driver.

  • Increase productivity in the field

Paper forms are quite limited in the way they collect data, but also in the quantity of information they can hold. If your team relies on paper forms, you will waste precious time waiting for information to be delivered to you. Using mobile forms, you won’t need to do calculations or spend time adding handwritten updates on sheets. Mobile forms also make it easy activities such as invoicing, receiving payment or checking inventory.

  • Simplify approvals

By using digital fleet management forms, documents that require sign-offs and analysis can be instantly accessed from the back-office and digitally signed, accelerating project progress and approvals.  Mobile form can be completed anywhere you need them.

  • Facilitate integration with other solutions

Mobile forms software solutions can easily integrate with your other business tools to enhance existing forms workflows. Mobile forms automation will help you to streamline your business workflows and simplify your data collection strategy.

  • Offline access


Mobile forms software can work without Internet connection, which enables teams to complete data collection and forms regardless of where they are working. Submission data is stored until connectivity is regained, and then automatically continues to the predetermined destination.
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