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Wouldn’t you like to close the office after a hard day’s work and check out that all the assigned tasks were completed successfully, without even touching a single paper file? In our present intensely mediated by technology, the mobile form has become an essential management tool to reach the objectives your company has set out to accomplish.
The mobile form doesn’t enter the business world by accident. It’s the product of a global trend which rescues the smartphone not only as an element of fun or personal recreation, but also as an essential way of adding value to the daily work.
As we have mentioned in previous articles, smartphones today are essential consumer goods, and have transformed into a sector which has reinvigorated the economy. According to Training Zone, 268 million mobile app downloads in 2017 will generate $77 billion dollars’ worth of revenue. Only a third of the world’s population currently has smartphones. As the other two-thirds slowly find their way to smartphones, this app market is going to triple in size over the years. According to the article, there are some obstacles yet to overcome, such as increasing mobile security and finding ways to avoid a worrying decrease in work performance given the omnipresence of smartphones amongst workers.
No matter these obstacles, as it has happened with all new technologies which entered our daily life and work places, there are ways to promote their best use, and to bring to the light the best of them with the right tools. This is the case of the mobile form, an innovative tool which takes advantage of the omnipresence of the smartphone at the workplace, and it also seizes the potential of the smartphones to revolutionize the way the information is delivered thanks to their instantaneity and the ability to add an extensive amount of data, beyond the basic information on the form.
The elimination of obsolete technologies such as pen and paper promoted by the mobile form has allowed companies to increase their productivity, while the digitization of physical forms, work orders, inspections, reports or certifications, represents also important time and money savings.
The greater added value provided by a mobile form -such as the one DataScope offers- is that workers can send the information instantly by only pressing “send” on their smartphones, time which could only take longer depending on the available connectivity. If there is no Internet connection, this is not a problem since the data is stored offline, avoiding the information from being lost.
Another advantage of the mobile form is that it allows total flexibility to adapt the tool according to the specific needs of each client, and so, the mobile form used by each organization can send attachments such as GPS location, photos, time stamp, the employee’s signature, and many features more. The platform even allows assigning different tasks to its employees, and monitoring them.
Designed as an innovative solution to answer the industry’s needs, from medical history forms to elevator maintenance, the mobile form overcomes the shortcomings of the paper form, such as the loss of information, its misinterpretation, transcription errors, or data theft, for example, which could end with terrible consequences for the company.

DataScope is a platform which allows various industries to streamline, organize and evaluate the work of their field staffs thanks to mobile forms which provide real time indicators 100% adaptable to any field.

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