How to use digital forms in the energy industry?

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Investment in digital technologies has increased strongly over the last few years. For example, global investment in digital electricity infrastructure and software has grown by over 20% annually since 2014. This sector has used process controls and automation for decades, particularly in heavy industry, to maximise quality and improve safety, reliability and efficiency.

Why using digital forms in the energy industry?

The use of digital forms in the energy industry can keep managers and supervisors informed in real-time. Here are six reasons of how digital forms can be more effective at collecting information.

  • Sorting maintenance problems

When an equipment failure arises in a remote area, you need to act quickly. However, sometimes it can take a long time to identify and fix the problem. To avoid those problems, your team needs to carry out periodic inspections. In many cases, it is quite difficult to describe the problem insightfully. Digital forms give your staff the chance to attach photos to show the extent of the damage and facilitate decision making processes.

  • Hasten insurance claims

In some countries, insurance companies take up to 40 days to acknowledge and process insurance claims. If your claim misses some information, the whole process may take longer. When a disaster affects an energy company, getting insurance compensation quickly is quite urgent. While you cannot control how fast your claims are handled, you can accelerate the process on your end. How? Creating a digital form based on your insurance coverage and documentation requirements. This file should include photos related to the insurance claim that will be used as evidence of the damage.

  • Regulatory compliance

Keeping up with regulatory requirements in the energy industry is not easy. You never know when the government bodies will do an inspection or will request an audit. If you keep a digital archive of detailed inspection reports, you could show them your effort to make things appropriately and leave them satisfied.

  • Field errors reduction

Manual forms can lead to data lost, incomplete or illegible submissions and other errors. Digital forms allow you to get more accurate data and reduce mistakes. They are mobile friendly, easy to create and can help you to collect data even when you are working in remote areas with no signal.

  • Administrative efficiency

By using digital forms, you can get rid of time wasted on tiresome paper processing. easily streamline your workflow thanks to robust business systems integration which will lead to quick data sharing, storing and analysis. Digitally stored data offers an easy solution for data integration because is an effective way to keep all the information flowing through your company and simplify the paths in and out of your systems.

  • Increased productivity

Tired of wasting time in endless back and forth email with your team? Using digital forms in your energy industry company will help you to simplify and organize your operations. Your employees in the field can attach photos and send reports in seconds through mobile devices and there is no need to retype any data into other systems.

Digitalization: a new era in energy?


Digital technologies are set to make energy systems more connected, intelligent, efficient, reliable and sustainable. The latest advances in data, analytics and connectivity have permit the development of a range of new digital applications and tools and this is just the beginning. In the future, digitalized energy systems may be able to identify energy needs and deliver it at the right time, in the right place and at a low cost. Digitalization is already improving safety and productivity of energy systems. In the coming years we will see new developments and business models that will reduce even further errors and costs and will streamline process and will help energy workers to improve productivity and efficiency in this complex industry.

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