How to innovate the safety management area in your company?

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We’re living in a time of change caused by a digital transformation process in the business world, and many safety management systems have become dramatically obsolete. Managers and employees require a sense of urgency and a dynamic approach in terms of safety management which can’t depend on old-fashioned data collection methods.
In this regard, if your company is still filling accident reports with paper forms, this represents a risk for you and your employees. Any accident or dangerous situation affecting your staff must be reported in real time with the right tools given the new scenario, and the reports must be as updated as possible to meet their purpose in order to be useful to the work team.
In the last years there has been concern by some of the most relevant technological agents to improve safety of their users, trend which has slowly being followed by companies in search of more advanced, more efficient safety solutions. These 2.0 breakthroughs in the administration of emergencies and accidents for its users are led by Google and Apple.
Google has recently launched its SOS Alerts, a new set of emergency features to Maps and Search to help find out quickly what is happening and to decide what to do during a crisis. According to the website América Economía, during an emergency or a disaster, it’s possible that a SOS Alert can appear at the top of the search results after consults of an incident or its location. Maps, main stories and official local information, such as telephone numbers and emergency websites as well as the translation of useful phrases will appear when available. Depending on how close he or she is to the affected area, the user could also receive a notification on his or her mobile device with this information.
On July 2017 Apple patented a tool allowing iPhone users to make calls to emergency services “whenever a conventional method is no longer practical”. The user can program the electronic device to recognize the pattern of a particular finger sequence as a command to make an emergency call, tool which also could alert the authorities of the user’s exact location and automatically activate the phone’s audio and video, according to Cromo.
We notice that there is concern to provide fast answers to emergencies for users, efforts which are also matched by the industry’s effort to advance in safety management for organizations with new solutions using mobile devices and real time information as prime resources.
The best way to keep safety scoreboards updated is with mobile devices and digital forms. Paper processes have many disadvantages and fail to provide a general overview of the company’s safety: they don’t show us where we are, and the goals we should be aiming at in accident prevention. Digital and mobile forms let you choose the fields you need to collect all the necessary information to register the accident when it happens, and to supply a strategic analysis of the situation which allows improving future processes.
The risk that comes for companies which don’t innovate in safety management is very high. Implementing innovation and technology in other areas of the business abandoning the safety management to a secondary role is a mistake which could be very costly for companies that could be appointed as not interested in accident prevention for their employees.

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