How to improve your company's internal communication?

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Using internal communication as a strategic tool will help you to motivate your team, retain the best talent, get the best out of each employees and increase your company´s productivity.
Having an efficient, productive and fluid internal communication should be an absolute priority for any business regardless of its size, the number of workers or its experience.
According to a study done by AmericaEconomía, companies fail by 50% due to a poor internal communication and these issues can generate losses of up to 15%. Furthermore, by not listening to your employees ´opinion, you are losing the chance to innovate and optimize your company processes.These figures show us the importance of improving internal communication to increase employees’ motivation and, therefore, their performance.
What is internal communication?
It is communication addressed to the internal client: the worker. This concept arises in response to companies’ new needs to motivate their team and retain the best talent in a very dynamic labour market.
Internal communication is a key strategic tool for companies because it allows them to correctly transmit corporate information, as well as the organization strategic objectives and values.  Good internal communication can generate loyalty and a sense of belonging to the company by the human team who will feel motivated and valued within the organization.
How to improve the internal communication of your business?
These are some of the measures to improve communication within an organization.
Create a corporate manual
This should include information that every employee should know about the company and its goals and purpose. You can also add a brief history of the organization, its internal rules, its mission and values, human resources policies, the organization chart, safety guidelines and other specific procedures.
Regularly disclosing the company’s goals
Sometimes, employees are not aware of the company´s main goals or about their role to help to achieve those goals. Periodic reminders of what the organization expects from each employee and about their contribution to the business development will motivate your workers and inspire them to improve their performance during their daily routine.
Recognize your workers’ success
Workers are human beings with problems, insecurities and dilemmas that might affect their performance. For this reason, it is important to recognize their achievements and merits. Studies indicate that eight out of ten employees leave their jobs due to lack of recognition. Do not let your company make the same mistake.
Send a corporate newsletter
Sending, periodically, news about the company is an excellent way to improve internal communication. The main purpose of newsletters is to ensure that employees do not hear about your company’s news from third parties as this can reduce their loyalty and commitment.
Organize events outside the office
The day to day in an office is full of routine tasks, moments of stress and even situations of tension. To maintain good relations among the team, many companies organize activities outside the office such as weekends on the beach or in the mountains, visits to amusement parks, dinners and other recreations. The objective of these activities is that employees generate good bonds between them that allow to develop a better internal communication.
Use internal communications networks to exchange knowledge and ideas
A McKinsey study concludes that the use of corporate social networks leads to a rise in employee productivity by 25%. To have a space (physical or digital) where your employees can disseminate their ideas and perform brainstorming sessions is great to improve internal communication. You can use external tools or implement an intranet.
Have a suggestion box
It could be an important source of new ideas and information if it is used properly and. The purpose is to know the employees’ opinions and proposals of on various topics such as rules, conditions and work relations, social benefits, among others.
Use mobile apps
Using a mobile platform, organizations can easily share important information and connect with the employees that are in the field or working in other branches. In this way you can improve the management of human resources and oversight in a better way the different production processes.
Following these tips you will improve corporate communication practices and increase in productivity in the different departments.
Internal communication is a key strategic tool  since a good use of corporate information can help you to communicate your organization’s strategic goals and values and involve your employees in their achievement.

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