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Creating a strong online presence is paramount for any business that want to stand out in today´s competitive market. It not only helps you to reinforce your brand image, it also allows you to reach potential customers and communicate with your audience.
Developing a comprehensive digital presence is key to be a winner in this new marketing game. These are the first steps you need to look at when you attempt to build a powerful online brand.

Having a website

It can be basic, but it is essential to provide information to your customers. No matter how small your business is, you must have a website to reach both, existing and potential customers. A website will help you to generate more customers not just in your city but worldwide. More visitors will lead to more potential sales and more revenue.
Having a website will be more convenient for your clients because it will make the purchasing process easier and faster. An online site can be visited any time, 24/7. A website can also help you to build better relationships with your clients.
When you start out, you don’t need a fancy website; a simple one will do the job. Lastly, you can have an ecommerce site or add a blog with relevant content to keep your customers engaged. This is the first step to build a strong online presence.

Search engine optimization

Around 89 percent of consumers use search engines to research products or services. To obtain good rankings on these, you need to optimize your website.
SEO is good for branding and business visibility. When people search for products or services on Google, for instance, if your site is on the top the search list, it will get more visitors, more leads and sales.
SEO also provides your business credibility. For many consumers, your search engine ranking is a vote of confidence. If you are on the top of the search page, they will think that your business is more credible than the rest of the list.
Another advantage of Search Engine Optimization is that provides a higher Return on Investment than many other forms of marketing.

Social media

To have a robust online presence, you must use social media channels which improve your chances of building customer loyal and allow clients and potential customers to interact with the brand. You will build connection, with influencers and industry leaders.
Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing channels to increase brand awareness and helps you understand your audience. By identifying your customers’ needs and demands, you can improve sales conversion and refine your digital strategy. It can also help you to boost your online traffic.

Establish a plan

Making a plan and itemizing your set goals and objectives is an essential step to develop a strong digital presence. When it comes to guiding your business objectives, making money isn´t specific enough. The first step is to create a mission statement. Then, you should create both short and long term goals, itemize your set goals and aims and specify how you intend to achieve these objectives. Breaking down your action will help you to reach your business goals.

Develop an effective content strategy

To develop a successful content strategy, you need to understand your sales funnel and the customer journey. Ideally, you will generate content for the different phases of the sales funnel. You might also think about the questions your customers are asking. Mapping out your buyer’s journey will help you to create tailored contact to the different stages.
No matter what industry you are in, content help you to add value to your visitors. Blog posts, videos and imager are the best way to reach your potential customers and build a strong online brand.

Track and analyse


Monitoring and measuring your content performance will help you to identify which type of content your audience like the most. Web analytics and online presence measurement are ongoing processes that will help you to identify key opportunities and will inform you on whether or not change your strategy. Tracking and measuring are the only way to know if your efforts are working or not.
Building a strong online presence requires time, focus, analysis, patience and a lot of work. In the beginning, don’t be afraid to experiment and play around; over the time you will learn what works for your company and what doesn’t.

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