How can restaurants benefit from mobile technology?

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Mobile technology has become an integral part of the food and beverage industry. For restaurant owners, this technology has improved operations efficiency in a great deal. However, according to a new survey by Oracle, 62% are unsure about their ability to hold with the changes taking place in digital technology. Nevertheless, most of them acknowledge the impact that this might have in the industry and also the threat coming from competitors who have already adopted mobile solutions.
According to experts, the hospitality industry must act quickly to modernize their mobile strategy and offerings in order to remain relevant to a rapidly evolving audience. There is an urgent need for restaurants to adopt appropriate mobile technology which should include front and back-end solutions. Implementing these technologies is essential to reduce labour costs and improve customers’ experience.
When it comes to revenue, a good app can save a restaurant money on several ways such as monitoring operations, avoiding waste and improving communication among others.

Benefits of investing in restaurant mobile technology

Here are five benefits of investing in restaurant technology:

  • More efficient business operations

Introducing automation into your restaurants helps owners to streamline their operations and work in a better organized way. Automated kitchen functions combined with Point of Sale systems could also to reduce waste. Kitchen automation software can help chefs to see what needs to be cooked and when the dishes are required. This information reduces preparation, serving time and the wait between meals. Kitchen automation systems also include functions like order status, to keep everyone informed about how long food will take.

  • Increased profits

Investing in restaurants mobile technology is a great way to increment revenue. In the last years, technology have become a great asset to improve customer service and increase sales and profits. Interactive tools such as Menupad allow restaurant to engage customers, improve their experience and to generate higher revenues and margins.
Restaurants that uses mobile technology also provide a better customer service, improves employee satisfaction and become a more sustainable company.

  • Better customer service

There many ways that restaurant technology can help you to keep your customers happy. Inventory management systems, for instance, will ensure that you never run out of ingredients. Your customers don’t get amused when they find out that their favourite dish is off the menu. By using an inventory management system, you can ensure that your restaurant will be fully-stocked allowing your staff to provide a wide range of ordering options. According to the National Restaurant Association’s State of the Industry Report 2019, a majority of consumers claim they would like to see technology focus on improving customer service, making ordering and payment easier and offering more convenient takeout and delivery options. The report also establishes that 37% of restaurant operators think that customer ordering is the most important area for technological development.
Kitchen automation software will provide your customers with a more pleasant dining experience because it will help to time meals so that everyone in a group could get served at the same time. It can also be useful to deal efficiently and faster with special requirements.

  • Improve communication in the workplace

If your workers have to deal with a chaotic and disorganized management process, they’re less likely to achieve greater results. Mobile apps allow workers to communicate with one another (to individual employees or to a whole team) in one easy step, without the need for endless text messages, phone calls or emails. According to Forbes, two of the main reasons employees are unhappy at work are related to lack of communication. Efficient employee scheduling apps enable managers and staff to communicate updates directly and instantly, ensuring schedules are filled as planned.

  • Valuable insights from data collection


Restaurants owners know that data collection is essential to their business development, however, data needs to be served up in a way that managers can easily analyse it and use it. Sometimes, data is trapped in complicated systems and can’t be used to provide valuable insight through predictive analytics. The hospitality industry needs a path to simplify and integrate systems. Intelligent technologies can analyse data and help managers make informed decisions about operations, supply and demand in their stores.
Mobile technology cannot only help restaurant businesses’ owners to improve the quality of their services, but it can also enable them to reshape their businesses according to the new times demands. Automation and integration can help them to reduce human error on the job, ensuring streamlined operations and a better customer experience.

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