How 5G will impact your business?

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5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity that are expected to be launched across the world by 2020. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, 5G will bring more reliable and faster connections on mobile devices with average download speeds of around 1GBps.This networks will provide the foundation needed to carry huge amounts of data and will allow users to stay online no matter where they are.

5G’s key features

Why 5G is set to be a game-changer? According to a study carried out by Qualcomm, by 2035, the 5G value chain will generate up to $3.5 trillion (£2.65 trillion) in revenue in 2035. They have also forecast that 5G will boost global GDP growth by $3 trillion accumulatively from 2020 to 2035.
The Qualcomm’s landmark study on impact of 5g mobile technology which surveyed over 3,500 people including business decision leaders, analysts and tech enthusiasts, found that as a result of 5G:

  • 91% expect new products and services that have yet to be invented.
  • 87% expect new industries to emerge.
  • 82% expect small business growth and more global competition.
  • 85% expect it to make companies more globally competitive.
  • 89% expect increased productivity.

What advantages will 5G offer?

Here are a few benefits that your company can obtain by switching to 5G technology:

  • Bigger speed

5G will be much faster than previous generation networks. To take the discussion to figures, 5G might offer speeds as fast as 10Gb/s. What does it mean? It means that this generation of mobile internet connectivity will have the capability to download a full HD movie in under 10 seconds on a 5G network, compared to 10 minutes on 4G. Some estimates see 5G being even faster than that. 5G will be able to deliver higher speeds, however, the main difference that users will notice will be the extra low latency compared to 3G or 4G which will open up new applications in the Internet of Things world.

  • Improved user’s experience

Latency will be lessened with 5G technology and users will be able to make and receive calls and use data without interrupting 4G download speeds. As the time between performing an action (such as download a file or playing an online game) and getting a response will be shorter, user experience will be improved.
Thanks to 5G a growing number of flexible and remote workers will stay fully connected and the higher speed will allow users to access to data in an easier and more effective manner. This improvement will lead to a more efficient management of assets, resources and services. Business and public sector organisations will benefit from a fast two-way communication that will permit an efficient management of services.

  • Enlarge the boundaries of mobile tech

5G technology will also extend the boundaries of the mobile broadband experience, allowing for the integration of 3D, holograms, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) experiences on smartphones. It will certainly move mobile from a technology that connects people-to-people and people-to-information, to a central and unified process that links everything to everything. Sooner than later, any mobile app and any mobile service will have the potential to connect to anything at any time. This immediacy in mobile services will lay the foundation for a new types of mobile apps that will push the capabilities of communications beyond the current communication modalities.

  • Boost productivity


5G technology will allow businesses to work faster and more efficiently, saving money and resources and increasing revenue. This will have deep impact across all industry sectors. The application of 5G will make industries more dynamic, allowing the concept of ‘smart factories’ to materialize it. If machinery is automated, the physical production of goods will become more efficient and cost efficient and the benefits will extend to functions such as logistics and distribution, planning and product development. businesses will be able to track where products are at any given point. From start to finish, the production process will be more effective, dynamic and cost efficient.
With 5G technology, businesses will have constant unbroken access to a fast and reliable internet connection, more bandwidth and lower latency for real-time communication. Entrepreneurs should start thinking about how 5G will impact their companies and how they can take advantage of it.

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