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The facility manager today is forced to deal with a variety of daily responsibilities while complying with strict regulatory measures, maintaining aging assets and infrastructure, and facing pressures to cut expenses and complete more work with less resources.
His function is even more complex considering the facility manager handles the work of different service providers, such as full-service maintenance and cleaning of the allocated properties, as well as pest control and disinfection companies, moving services, interoffice mail, garbage disposal, fire detection systems, elevators, telephone systems, cars, etc.
The way to solve this challenges is directly linked to the information they collect each day. The facility manager which depends on old-dated, manual processes isn’t fully equiped to be successful in an industry pressuring to do more with less. Obsolete processes such as paper-based processes leave the facility manager vulnerable to many well-documented obstacles.
Luckily, new technologies have allowed to update the facility manager’s work. On one side, they have provided programs for better handling and filing of the information, which in turn has allowed a better use of time and resources. On the other hand, they have also helped younger generations to become part of the business, easing their entrance to the working environment as a natural process.
An example of these kind of technological aids for the facility manager comes with the development of mobile tools for companies. In charge of overworked and underfunded teams, to increase the efficiency for facility managers is one of the main advantages these apps provide.
Fast access to information is just one of the many benefits the incorporation of mobile tools provides the facility manager’s operation. They also enable allocating tasks to field tasks through their smartphones, which are received via alerts, and provide performance indicators. To do this, it’s critical to register, measure and monitor the progress made, action that field staffs which have a smartphone and an app can now perform.
Apps especially designed for facility managers, such as DataScope, provide robust dashboards
and automated reports to simplify the evaluation of the performed tasks, which is verified with GPS location, date and time stamp.
In this regard, the new generations, forged by the use of technology, depend on this kind of tools to join the labour market with enthusiasm and energy. More and more, millennial youngsters demand their companies a mobile strategy which can adapt to their needs to feel motivated.
Programs help facility managers of yesterday,  to become the facility managers of today.
Mobile technology can be a big ally in the renewal of their field, expanding their knowledge and processes with higher productivity, and focusing the improvement in decision making which impact on efficiency and costs reduction which contribute in turn to the objective of business generation.

DataScope is a platform which allows various industries to manage their workforce more efficiently  thanks to its adaptable forms which collect all the information of the work that was done.

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