Benefits of the use of mobile apps for logistics

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In the last decade, the logistics industry has integrated technological developments in their operations and have encourage innovative ways to carry out shipping and deliveries to ensure they are done in an accurate and timely manner.
Logistics companies were among the first to adopt mobile solutions to oversee and supervise their processes. Every logistics process needs constant development and improvements and mobile technology can be a great help to achieve that. Mobile apps for logistics can bring many benefits to the industry such as helping managers with functions that include transportation optimization, load management and load planning.
Other reasons to adopt mobile solutions in your logistic business are:

  • Automation of existing paper-based processes

Paper work order forms and service orders get lost often or can end up incomplete, incorrect and, in many cases, illegible. Using mobile apps and mobile forms, drivers can gather the necessary data and store it in the company’s database or in their mobiles devices. Deploying mobile forms, organizations can collect data and measure relevant metrics like driving time and mileage.
The automation of existing paper based processes will give your productivity a boost and will allow you to get instant mobile reports, saving time and ensuring that your data is safe and easily accessible.

  • Performance monitoring

Visibility is very important for logistics companies and mobile solutions can help managers to oversee functions such a load management, load planning and transportation optimization. Visibility also help companies to reduce performance gaps, increase their agility, predict certain problems and make data-driven business decisions.

  • Track vehicles

Mobile technology allows logistics companies track vehicles and the cargo. Right now, it is even possible to track a parcel on a meter-by-meter, second-by-second basis which makes it possible to oversee the transport processes and not only recognize issues when they arise, but also to predict troubles before they appear. By using mobile apps for logistics, you can instantly know where all your crews are and can keep track of your assets with a GPS system.

  • Flexible delivery process

Using mobile solutions, you can change delivery schedules and routes on the go which provide a big level of flexibility to the organization. Increasing control of their supply chains increase customer retention and generates opportunities for new levels of cooperation between logistics providers and customers.

  • Real-time information

With mobile forms and apps, logistics companies can enhance their supply chains with real-time data which allow drivers to inform any delay and slowdowns in real-time improving dispatch operations, inventory management, record keeping, tracking goods, inspections and more. As a result, companies can better their supply chain operations.

  • Save time and reduce costs

If your business use mobile forms instead of paper forms, you can optimize routes for each driver reducing fuel expenses. Mobile apps for logistics can simplify major functions and enable your organization to operate more efficiently whilst reducing operational costs.

  • Easy dispatch of work orders

Mobile apps for logistics you can speed up processes and work orders. Using work order software, you can also optimize dispatches and routes, manage rides, reduce miles driven and increase revenue.

  • Effective warehouse management

Logistics is not only about transportation and delivery of the goods, but it is also about managing warehouses well. This is a very important space where all the inventories are stored before being dispatched to the final destination. Mobile apps for logistics will make easier to store goods and check the inventory because all the information will be in a database.
Transportation and logistics companies build their businesses based on detailed planning and timely execution. Therefore, small details like route changes and delays can make a big difference to the company’s productivity. Using mobile apps for logistics to collect, manage and send data will cut down your business’ costs whilst improving efficiency and accuracy with a better workflow.

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