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Surveys are essential to obtain feedback from your customers and potential clients. There are many ways of gathering data from the target audience and online surveys are some of the most widely utilized methods.

Why is feedback so important for your business?

In business, surveys can help you to understand your customers and get public opinion about your products or services. Thanks to the technological developments, at present, most types of studies can easily be conducted online, including employee satisfaction surveys, company satisfaction monitoring, brand name evaluation, advertising research, competitive analysis, etc.

There are different types of feedback that companies can gather and measure. Relevant feedback might help you to improve your performance and it will also enable your organization to remain aligned to its goals and to develop successful strategies.

Obtaining feedback is so important that, now, web surveys have become an integral part of the research teams in a large percentage of organizations.

Now that we understand why feedback is important, we will look at the best way to gather the data. Surveys are a widely used method to gather data. In the old days, they were conducted in a traditional way with pen and paper. With the arrival of new technologies, online surveys have become an essential research tool for different fields including marketing, statistics, social and business.

What are the advantages of using online surveys

There are many advantages of using web-based surveys. Some of them are:

Cost-efficiency: Using online surveys reduces significantly the set-up and administration costs. You don’t need to spend money on paper, printing or postage. You will also save the resources used in telephone interviews and on-field surveys

Time saving: Online surveys save a lot of time and effort because they allow you to create, administer, collect and analyze feedback through an integrated web system which is far easier than using traditional methods.

Convenience: Answer
online surveys is very easy for respondents who can fill out questionnaires when they choose to start and stop a survey at their pace. This characteristic can increase engagement and response rates.
Accessibility: Managing your surveys through an online system increment accessibility. You can send a link to the survey via email, social media or embed the survey on your website. Respondents have a wide range of ways to access the questionnaire through a diversity of devices.

Wide scope: One of the greatest advantages of using
online surveys is their scope. You can send a survey to thousands of people with the click of a button. Also you can send surveys across the world and generate questionnaires in a variety of languages.

Accuracy: Traditional methods rely on the attention of staff to enter the details correctly. With
online surveys, the margin of error is far smaller than with paper-based surveys. This is mainly attributed to the fact that the responses go directly to the online database instead of being manually entered by a person.

Quick results: Using
online surveys you can obtain real-time results. As soon as participants have answered the questionnaire, you can have access to the responses and analyze them. This allows you to address quickly any issues or concerns.

Improved relationship with customers: By asking the opinion of your customers and showing interest in what they think about your products and services, you increase their sense of loyalty and create a conversation around your brand. Surveys and  dialogue make your customers and potential clients feel important.

More flexible: Online surveys provide more flexibility in the design and content of the survey. There is also great flexibility in terms of the variety of types of questions that can be accepted.

When creating an online survey, you have to put an effort on choosing the right types of question. Choosing the wrong type of question can lead to fragmentary results or data that’s difficult to interpret.

The effectiveness of a questionnaire depend on its questions that should be previously evaluated. If your questions are unclear or too difficult, you may end up with meaningless data.
In general, the feedback that you receive through these surveys can be used to provide your customers a better experience and to focus on your challenges and implementing the adequate strategies to overcome them.

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