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Google forms are widely used to create surveys easily and quickly since they allow you to plan events, ask questions to your employees or clients and collect diverse type of information in a simple and efficient way. Google forms allow us to include different types of questions such as short answers, paragraphs, multiple selection, verification boxes, pull-down, linear scale, grid of several options, among others.

Advantages of using Google forms

  • It is a free online tool, that allows you to collect information easily and efficiently.
  • With Google forms you can create surveys in few minutes to ask your clients or collaborators information about your products or service.
  • To start using this tool,  you only need a Google account, the same one you need to access Gmail, YouTube or Google Drive.
  • The interface is very easy to use. Any user with an average Internet knowledge can create forms using this tool.
  • The assistant is simple to use. The What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get interface makes it easy to drag and drop form elements and organize them based on actions or events.
  • At the design level it is possible to choose between a palette of colors, as well as own images as a background.
  • Google forms stores the feedback received so we can analyze it in detail.
  • The forms are integrated with Google spreadsheets therefore we can access to a spreadsheet view of the collected data.
  • The general configuration of forms or surveys allows you to collect the recipient’s email address and limit the answers.
  •  For advanced users, the type of data that can be inserted into a field can be customized using regular expressions. This helps customize the form even more.
  • Google forms allows us to see how the survey will look before sending it over to the recipients.
  • We can send the form by email, integrate it into our website or send the link via social networks or any other means.
  • With this tool, you can get unlimited questions and answers at no cost, while other survey tools require a payment depending on the number of questions and recipients.

Disadvantages of using Google forms

  • It is necessary to have internet to be able to use this tool.
  • The design customization  is very limited. Advanced users can change the design to use the tool with a greater number of purposes.
  • There are some security concerns. The user has to create a good password and protects it to increase the level of security.
  • There are certain limitations regarding the capabilities of this tool. It accepts texts up to 500 Kb; images up to 2 Mb; and for spreadsheets the limit is 256 cells or 40 sheets.

Google forms can facilitate the contact with your customers or with your organization members and it is very helpful to gather information that might allow you to have a greater control of your company production and distribution processes. It can also help you to see and analyze your workers’ performance.

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