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As any entrepreneur, small business owners want to get things done faster, better, more efficiently and without too many complications. The good news is that now there is a wide range of business apps that can well help them to achieve these goals.
New business apps come to light every day and some of them might be relevant today, but would be obsolete in the near future. Nevertheless, some of the apps listed here could make an impact on small businesses and help them to deal with matters such as accounting, project management and productivity, employee management, marketing, point of sale, communications and others.

  1. Slack

If you need to communicate with several employees on a daily basis, this business app is the solution. It is more efficient than texts or emails because it simplifies communication among team members and allows workers to keep track of progress.
Slack has public, private, and direct message channels and allows you to share files easily.
Pricing: The basic plan is totally free. They also have paid plans (standard package and plus account).

  1. Workable

This business app can help you to recruit personnel making the process of finding qualified employees much easier and faster. Using the Workable app, you can research candidate profiles, connect with hiring candidates and schedule interviews. You can also integrate the app with your email and calendar.
Pricing: Workable offers different plans: pay as you go and starter packages and a pro or custom plan.

  1. Zenefits

Many small businesses need to take care of their employees, but they don’t have the budget to hire a full-time HR manager or executive. Then along comes Zenefits, an all-in-one HR, payroll, compliance, benefits, and time-tracking app that can manage hiring, time off requests, employee records, taxes and account balances.
Pricing: Zenefits has different paid plans.

  1. HootSuite

Feeling overpowered by social media? Hootsuite is a great tool for social media management that will help you make the most of your activity on multiple channels. Using this business app, you can create, organize, schedule and post your social media content, so you can even generate leads while you sleep.
Hootsuite can get integrated with popular analytics apps and allows you to track key metrics and build reports to evaluate your social media strategy.
Pricing: The Hootsuite app comes free with your account. They provide a variety of paid plans according to the size of your company and the amount of features offered.

  1. Expensify

If keeping track of your business expense is causing you a headache, we get good news for you. Whether you’re in your office, working from home or travelling, Expensify will help you record your expenses by integrating real-time receipt capturing, credit card reports, mileage tracking and more. This business app really makes accounting simpler and easier. It also provides you support during those busy tax days. Expensify can help you to calculate tax deductions and has the ability to separate business and personal expenses.
Pricing: Expensify has free and paid plans for accounts for small businesses and bigger companies.

  1. DataScope

DataScope is an app designed to collect data on the site with or without internet connection. It can help you to organize and evaluate the work of your field staff providing you access to rich content (geo-reference, time stamp, name of the device used, and signature) that are essential to create exhaustive and comprehensive reports. Using this business app, you can get real time insights and analyse the collected information almost instantly so you can take quick and informed decisions should unforeseen circumstances arises.
Pricing: DataScope has a free plan and paid options.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is a total point-of-sale system that include an app, an app store, and a card reader that accept a range of payment methods. This platform handles everything from secure checkout and shipping to payments and marketing. Using this business app, you can also track and manage your inventory and process refunds.
Pricing: Shopify offers three paid packages that have different prices and features.

  1. Xero

Accounting can be one of the most challenging and complicated tasks for any company. This is changing thanks to Xero, a business app that allows users to access all of their financial accounts in one place. You can also use it to create expense reports, handle invoice and billing on the go and more. Using Xero is easy to send invoices, approve expenses, inputs receipts and reconcile.
Pricing: Xero has different paid plans.

  1. Bear

Bear is a flexible app designed to write everything, from quick notes to long essays. You can use Bear to mark down and organize your ideas, dreams, to-dos, to-buys, to-reads, and anything thoughts that could be useful for future projects. The advanced markup options and in-line image support could be very to coordinate your drafts.
Pricing: The standard version of Bear is free. There is a paid version (Bear Pro) which offers advanced features.
There are millions of business apps available right now, therefore, narrowing them down could be an impossible task.  We have done all the legwork for you and compiled the 9 best apps for small business. If you feel a great business app is missing, please leave a comment and suggest one.


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