8 reasons to use mobile forms for quality assurance

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Quality assurance processes are essential for any business because they help organizations to maintain quality standards by preventing problems. Therefore, this is a very important topic that shouldn’t be overlooked.
An organization has to ensure that processes are efficient and effective. Granting good quality in products, services and processes has many benefits for the business and its customers. An effective quality assurance team can reduce the amount of inspections required, saving the organization time and resources. The company can be more competitive and lower production costs.

How can mobile forms improve quality assurance?

When control procedures are done manually, the whole process can take time and involve a lot of documentation and processing. Paper QA/QC forms not only take longer to complete, but also require manual delivery, rekeying and filing. When completing a quality control inspection using paper forms, any images of damaged products or output flaws must be captured via camera and printed or saved as an attachment. This scenario not only involves additional work and time, but also invites opportunities for vital images to be overlooked, lost or forgotten.
Using mobile forms for quality control processes brings many advantages for businesess. Here we have listed six benefits of using mobile forms to ensure quality:

  • Make quality control process simpler

By creating custom mobile forms, you can simplify quality control processes and ensure that all the data is safe and is easily accessible by other members of the team. Mobile forms allow your employees to fill out quality control forms using mobile devices which are sent to a secure cloud location, and are accessible in real time. Here we have listed six benefits of using mobile forms for quality assurance.

  • Increase data accuracy

Mobile forms can help businesses to achieved greater insights from the production and testing processes, allowing management to deliver better quality products. They also increase business agility, accuracy and productivity and provide access mobile forms to real-time insights.

  • Use effectively your resources

Manual quality assurance and quality control processes require a vast amount of paperwork, which often delay processing and generating miscommunications. These issues are easily eliminated using mobile quality control and quality assurance forms.

  • Work without internet connection

Mobile quality assurance and quality control forms can be easily completed from a phone or tablet, even without a signal. This ability allows to complete mobile QA/QC forms offline save your company time and resources. All the information collected onsite is uploaded or routed to the back-office, once a signal is available.

  • Gathered data is available faster

Thanks to mobile forms, you can analyse collected data in real-time and pinpoint inefficiencies which improves processing cycles, eliminates delays and simplifies data collection from remote worksites.

  • Ditch the paper

Completing QA/QC forms on a mobile device also eliminates the chaos and inconvenience of paperwork. Quality management teams are often hampered by a large collection of documents to be completed. With digital QA/QC forms, quality management teams can eliminate the clutter of paper documents while reducing the need for physical resources and storage.

  • Collect diverse type of data

When completing QA/QC forms digitally, you can include new data types that paper forms cannot handle). You can collect signatures and approvals with digital signature boxes, capture product or process obstacles and flaws with Image fields, use sketch fields and include GPS coordinates and maps.

  • Improve product traceability

Mobile forms allow you to codes and serial numbers of used materials and finished products, as well as finished products using mobile devices and barcode scanning.
DataScope mobile forms can make your quality control process simpler and smoother, improving your quality management and increasing business agility. To learn more about how we can improve your quality assurance process try our servicers. Sign up for free here.


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