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Would you like to gather, share, and display all your relevant data in real­ time? Klipfolio is an online platform that can be used to develop your own real-time business dashboards. A data dashboard is an information management tool that visually tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators (KPI), and key data points to monitor many aspects of a business or specific process. In simple words, it is an efficient way to track multiple data sources and to monitor and analyze performance.
Klipfolio allows you to discover, connect, process and visualize different data services in an interesting and attractive way.

Advantages of using Klipfolio

This cloud-based business dashboard platform has been developed  to help your organization collect and connect real-time data from various sources in order to make the most effective business decisions. These are some of the advantages.

Real-time monitoring

Using a klipfolio dashboard you to can your campaign, in real-time, which allow you to make the required changes if required and ensures that communication is transparent and available to all the team members involved.

Time saving

When you do a report without Klipfolio, the data will be downloaded on excel spreadsheet or as PDF or PowerPoint files. Therefore, data gathering can be a very time consuming process. Thanks to Klipfolio you can download this data in real-time and use your time to analyze and optimize instead of collecting data from different sources. This enables you to his enables us to carefully monitor and react and optimize campaigns or processes quickly.

Centralize your data

Klipfolio can be easily connected with other platforms so you can easily download data from eg. Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, Google Spreadsheet, DataScope, etc. Therefore, your can put together data from different data sources such as spreadsheets, files, databases, and web services applications. You can also connect the platform directly to a database as MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle etc.

Customize your data

This tool allow you to do create drag-and-drop data visualizations to start assembling your custom dashboard. You can choose from standard data visualizations like charts, bullet charts, and scatter plots or add custom HTML into your dashboard.

See the big picture

Klipfolio is a multichannel service provider that help you to get a clear understanding of all the data points and their relationships among them. This is essential to monitor and improve your marketing campaigns because you can evaluate how the different channels interact and their role on conversions, sales and profits.

Data sharing and collaboration

There are many ways to share data in Klipfolio. You can share with groups or individual people or you can share with everyone in your organization at once by displaying your dashboards, Klips, and PowerMetrics on large screens. You can share a snapshot of your data or links to a dynamically updated view of your data.
Create and customize your data visualizations, share your with others and take decisions based on the your data. You can integrate Klipfolio with DataScope and generate advance reporting using the DataScope API. Start creting your own dashboards with Klipfolio and DataScope  Sign up for free now!

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