6 common mistakes companies make when going digital

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These days most companies are embracing technology in one way or another. However, some of them aren’t approaching the digital world in the right way. The biggest mistake is treating digital as something to add on to a company’s existing operations. Digital transformation is about leveraging digital technology to prompt strategic improvement across an organization. It doesn’t involve just internet of things, web analytics or artificial intelligence. The most important thing is understanding why digital transformation is relevant for your company.
Digitization is no longer an option for today’s businesses, it’s a necessity. If you want your business to compete in this digital world, you need to make some changes. You need to be willing to shift the way your company works, to evolve with the ever changing times. Companies must adopt new technologies and processes to operate efficiently in today’s digital world.
The problem is digital transformation is still an unknown territory that many businesses fail to understand and, as a consequence of this, they make key mistakes that might hinder or wreck the whole project. What are these mistakes? We have listed the 6 mistakes most common mistakes to avoid in your digital transformation journey.

Starting without a clear goal

One of the common mistakes that company makes while moving toward digital business transformation; not having a clearly defined goal! You need to be clear about what your objective is. The first step is to narrow down what your main objective is and understand the purpose of your company’s digital transformation.

Ignoring the digital transformation opportunity

Many companies just copy their traditional approach into the digital world. They create a digital equivalent to their traditional processes.  Digital business transformation requires companies to change the way they view their interactions with customers and how you will deliver value to them in the future. It is far more than digitizing your documents. The old development practices of the past no longer apply. You must deliver new solutions and rethink your development practice as to implement a successful digital transformation. Digital business transformation demands a complete rethink of how you engage with your customers and how you deliver value to them. You need to be willing to shift the way your business works to take advantage of the productivity improvements offered by technology.

Moving too fast

Digital transformation requires a sense of urgency, however, all the changes needs to be done slowly and carefully. There is certainly a sense of urgency to get into the digital business world, but you need to plan and organize warily to avoid major errors.

Neglecting to involve suppliers, vendors, and third parties

When you go digital, you need to consider the people you deal with on a daily basis. If you don’t want to receive paper invoices, printed receipts, and other materials in analog format, your need to involve the stakeholders in your digitization efforts.

Failing to adopt data solution

Digital transformation only produces a fraction of their true value when they aren’t supported by an enterprise data collection solution. In addition to providing mobile forms that can be used in the field, the right mobile forms solution will also integrate with your digital workflow.

Failing to include everyone in the company


Digitization changes the heart of the work being done by employees. It is so important that anyone who will be affected by the changes understand the importance of this transformation. In many cases, employees should be trained and kept up to date on the implementation of new technologies. By doing that, you will make them feel empowered by the changes after the transformation. They need to realize that the digital transformation is paramount for the organization’s survival.
Digital business transformation is not just building an app or website; it requires companies to change the way they view their interactions with customers and how you will deliver value to them in the future.

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