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An API (stands for Application Programming Interface) is a software that allows two or more applications to connect with each other.  In simple words, it is the messenger that delivers your request to the provider and then delivers the response back to you. It is an interface that allows one application to talk to another one through simple commands.
When developers create code, they don’t usually start from scratch. APIs enable them to write codes and software using pre-existing framework so they they can focus on the unique proposition of their applications instead of trying to reinvent the wheel every time they write a new program. Basically, an API works a bit like a power socket which is a standardized way for a device to access and use pre-existing infrastructure. Think about how you use any electric device. You doesn’t need a portable generator to connect them; all you have to do is plug it into existing network. In the same way, a developer can “plug in” their programs into existent software.

What is an API integration?

API integrations enable companies to automate tasks, integrating their programs and databases with current industry applications. They ensure a smooth and continuous communication between various applications and allow workers to get the benefits of multiple cloud-based apps whilst enhancing product innovation.
APIs allow businesses to launch innovative initiatives in an agile efficient way and without spending a lot of time and money.

How APIs can help your business?

For companies, APIs allow creating solutions that provide better customers’ experiences without increasing, significantly, the cost. They can also streamline businesses operations.
Some of the benefits of using API are:

Ease of  integration

An API is a component that allows different platforms, applications and systems to connect and share information with each other and carry out diverse types of tasks. For instance, a certain software can be used inside another or connected with other tools to streamline certain processes.

Better integration

APIs simplify and facilitate integration which allow different softwares to reorganize their interrelationships according to your business’ specific needs. By doing that your company can obtain better results whilst reducing development costs. Externally, you can integrate your applications with third parties in order to optimize their functionality and to improve usability.

Automating tasks

The integration of applications is the keystone for a large part of automation strategies for which APIs become indispensable.Integrations automate manual tasks to generate a smooth, effortless transition between linked applications. Thanks to automation and integration of processes your business can save costs, time and efforts.

Improved services

APIs simplify the implementation of new applications, business models and digital products and allow an effective complementation with third-party products or services whilst improving their development. For that reason, many developers and entrepreneurs are willing to pay for its use.


APIs are essential to digital transformation and to the creation and development of innovative business models. They are the basis of application economics, which can be developed faster, better and at a lower cost.
APIs allow software to get complemented with third-party digital products or services in order to facilitate development. Also a good API can help to expand a brand presence in the market.
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