Why you should digitize your work orders?

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Technology is making our lives easier day by day. Things that used to be difficult can now be done with a click, which means that we can work use out time in a smarter way to do more things and be more productive than ever before. For business, technology has become a huge asset with companies racing to invest in all types of tech solutions, sometimes without understanding the real impact to their organization.
However, we still see that many companies are doing things the old fashioned way. Take work orders for instance. This documents are essential for any business because any misuse can lead to operational delays that could cost a lot of money to your company. Using digital work orders, you will avoid issues such as order lost, damaged or misfiled. Wouldn’t it be so much easier for you and your team?

What is a digital work order?

A work order is a document that outlines details about an upcoming job. It’s an internal tool, used as a reference point between a customer and a business, or between employees and departments within a business.  A digital work order allows you to enter all the information digitally that allow you to build your order from scratch without the risks associated to manual forms handling.

How can your business benefit from using digital work orders?

There are many reasons to utilize digital work orders. Some of them are:

You can easily customize your forms

Not every company has the same needs. Therefore, you need to find out what work orders are more suitable for your operations. Choosing the right service, you can create a form just the way you like it. What makes this process even easier is that it doesn’t take much time or effort change your work orders.

You don’t need Wi-Fi to use them

Most apps that offer digital work orders can work without Wi-Fi. You can fill out your forms and store them to your device immediately, with or without a connection. Then, once you have access to internet, you can upload all the information to the back end.

Get all your information integrated

Using digital work orders allow you to get all your forms automatically integrated into your company’s system. This way, things are simpler for you or your team who can easily access to the work orders that are assigned to them. With this tool, you can forget about issues such as missing paperwork or forgetting to bring the right form. All of the pertinent information can be transferred over immediately when is required.

Make your workflow more efficient

Creating digital work orders for your internal needs and process them as necessary can make your workflow and your production system much more efficacious. You can set rules for your workflow so that you can automate as many processes as you like.

All the information is clear and legible

One of the more common problems that come with manual work orders is that you or your employees might not be able to read notes and messages and this situation can lead to unforeseen setbacks. Since your work orders are digitized, you never have to worry about this issue again.

Navigation Built-in

With some digital work order apps, you can seamlessly connect your directions with the order so that your workers just press the address and they get a route in seconds. Functions like this can make your operations run much more efficiently.

Analysing your data is easy

Creating a report based on the data collected using paper work orders can be a very time-consuming processes.
Using digital work orders, you no longer need to enter this information manually. Most apps used to create work orders can facilitate the analysis making it faster and more accurate. You can also automate these reports so you can share it easily with the rest of your team as soon as they are generated.

Improve your business productivity

When you digitize your work orders, you can improve your operations to the point where you get more clients and sales. If you have to make changes in the field, a digital work order allows you to integrate those adjustments on both the front and back end immediately.
You can process work orders and send invoices straight away, rather than waiting for employees to turn them in to the office. Analysis can be done remotely, allowing you to do more and to increase productivity.



There is no reason not to start using digital work orders right now. They will help you to save time, keep things organized, manage your resources efficiently, get a better way to analyse your operational data in order to make the required changes and speed up your processes.

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