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Workplace inspections are an important part of any effective health and safety management system and help to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. They are used to ensure that appropriate controls are in place in case that any accident might occur. Workplace inspections can also identify and report potential hazards that should be removed.
Any type of inspections has very similar workflow. You have to fill out inspection form or checklist in the field, deliver collected data to the central office and create reports. Using mobile forms for field inspections make the whole process fast, efficient and accurate. Regardless of what type of inspections you need to do, you can create mobile inspection form(s) that fit your business requirements and workflow. Here we have listed few reason why organizations should use mobile forms for field inspections.


To keep your workers safe without consuming valuable time you need an inspection app to ensure that job sites and equipment are safe and to guarantee technicians and workers a hazard free environment, so they can perform their duties without any trouble.


Without standard forms and procedures is harder to have consistency across inspections. With a mobile app, businesses can use standard forms for some types of inspections to guarantee uniformity across the board. Consistent forms and steps are great to keep a standard process across.


By using standard forms managers can rely on high-quality inspections because consistency will generate quality through standardized reports. Images, videos, GPS, checklists and signature capabilities also help technicians to get a comprehensive analysis and gather reliable information.


Mobile inspection software allows you to carry out better inspections in less time by saving your team from working with paper-based inspections which need to be printed out and packed back to the central office. When working with paper forms, somebody has to enter the data into the system and analyse it properly. With an inspection app, companies can speed not only the time it takes to conduct the inspection but the time it takes to gather all the information. This factor increases the ability to make responsible business decisions and improve operations in general.


Organizations that spend less time on manual entry of paper inspections have more time to focus on the quality of work and to concentrate on optimizing processes and taking all the necessary steps your business need to achieve success.


This word has different meanings for diverse organizations. Nevertheless, depending on your industry, you may need to adhere to regulatory standards. After you collect the data, you need to analyse it trying to uncover patterns, meaningful correlations, and the origin of challenging and urgent issues.


Custom forms offer the different types of questions based on previous answers, to auto-fill fields, to validate data, and to perform calculations in the field. Hence, mobile forms increase data precision when performing inspections.


Every digital form can be uniquely customized to your business requirements. Whether you need them for building inspection, safety inspection, field inspection, etc.

Real time insights

Mobile forms allow inspectors to collect and submit data in real-time. That information can be instantly shared with the main office, or input into another business system or workflow.
Organizations can save time and money by deploying mobile forms for their workplace inspections because they have access to the information sooner and can provide more accurate and frequent updates. Mobile forms have the potential to change the way your business deals with data. Turn all your
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