Vehicle inspection forms: Challenges and solutions

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Vehicle roadworthiness testing is a very important procedure in the industry of auto insurance and mechanical workshops as a tool which ensures to comply with the insurance policy, in the first case, and to offer a proper diagnosis, in the second case.
In both areas, vehicle inspection forms –which are generally paper documents- are the instrument technicians carry to the field to perform the vehicle roadworthiness testing.
It’s then, once they go to the field and return to the office or the workshop with the collected results, that the vehicle inspection forms many times fail to offer an efficient service, sparking complaints from customers and discomfort among the employees.
Why does this happen? There are several reasons. Here we present some examples of problems caused by vehicle inspection forms that the new solutions for mobile devices can resolve:

  • Challenge #1: Since the most commonly used documents are paper documents, the insurance supervisors on the field are forced to deliver the vehicle inspection forms to the office, which is time consuming and delays the processing of all the arriving cases.
  • Solution #1: Vehicle inspection forms for mobile devices allow sending the information to the office in real time. Technology gives these companies the possibility of uploading the collected data electronically, using a mobile app such as DataScope, which also allows collecting the data even without connection. Manual documentation is no longer needed.
  • Challenge #2: The representatives of mechanical workshops and insurance inspectors complete the vehicle inspection forms and the damage reports manually, which takes a great deal of time and can cause misreading or interpretation mistakes.
  • Solution #2: With vehicle inspection forms for mobile devices, the misinterpretation of the information disappears – since each form is customized with predetermined data- and a damage report can also include images of the vehicle to pinpoint the details more precisely.
  • Challenge #3: The requests pile up and get lost at the employees’ desks because of the delay in its processing and because of the disorder caused by the saturation of vehicle inspection forms. This slows down the pace of work and the client doesn’t get a satisfactory response.
  • Solution #3: Mobile apps such as DataScope are especially designed to speed up the analysis of the information collected on the field, providing robust dashboards and automated, easy to read, measurable reports. There’s no need to review endless piles of papers, everything is automatized on digital reports that can be accessed from any PC, smartphone or tablet.

Little by little, the transformative tools of the digital and mobile world are imposing by their own influence over the bureaucracy based on a physical support, and this also applies to the necessary paperwork required to drive a vehicle.
Chile provides an example of how this process is developing. Here, since March 2016, users who purchase their vehicle registration certificates online receive an electronic version of the document, or they can even download the certificate with a QR code on their smartphones. Thus, in case of a police check, the driver can show his code on his phone instead of a physical document.
This big step forward saves the user time, travel costs and long queues, as stated in La Tercera. A clear sample of the progress mobile solutions are making in the most unexpected fields.

DataScope is a platform which allows various industries to streamline, organize and evaluate the work of their field staffs thanks to online forms which provide real time indicators 100% adaptable to any field.

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