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Many companies are suffering the same problem: they can’t consolidate their sales instantly, delaying not only the consolidation of scattered information but also -which is even more serious- delaying additional time to deliver the orders to their customers.
If you and your company are committed to embrace innovation with mobile solutions to achieve high impact results in terms of effectiveness, precision and improved reputation before its customers, mobile presales can be the first step. Let’s see some of its advantages.

Analysis of mobile presales and its advantages

Mobility is changing the way companies and its employees work, and it is transforming in turn the way they associate with its customers. In this regard, mobile presales are positioned as a resource increasingly used by companies which require adopting new strategies to attract new customers, reduce costs and avoid unnecessary losses of time.
Mobile presales apps -such as DataScope- are mobile solutions within reach of your company’s team of salesmen and of your central office, which transfer the different physical forms of orders and routes to an objective, agile and simple integrated system, taking orders from the field and consolidating the information in real time from the different sales outlets.
In this way, specific routes can be allocated to your salesmen, who can take orders on their own devices. The central office receives the data on the platform and can be consolidated in real time, to finally send the customer a document via e-mail with all the details of his purchase… even before the salesman has left the sales point!
With mobile presales apps companies increase their productivity and effectiveness in sales cycles, placing orders from the field much faster and validation indicators of the collected information (signature, geo-referencing, identification of the device which was used, etc). Salesmen can even send pictures of the tasked performed through the smartphones to make sure the work was done correctly.
There are other features that make mobile presales a highly attractive solution: it’s not necessary to have a permanent Internet connection because the app also works offline; the forms have predefined answers so the information can be completed much faster and easily, and they can be adapted to each client’s needs; and at last, the apps are available for web, iOS and Android.

How is the mobile scenario looking for companies?

According to the online edition of IT Reseller magazine, mobility is becoming key to boost the unified communications market, its importance is such that in 2016 it reached 21 billion dollars. Today, 29% of workers consider themselves completely mobile, using three or more devices from different locations.
The news piece, however, states clearly that for a mobility strategy to be completely effective, the unified communications must be considered as a key piece to reach the best results. That it’s the only way employees can work anywhere and using any device, achieving a true transformation in the way companies do business, besides surprising and attracting customers with new digital experiences.
New technologies and cooperation models, as describes IT Reseller, connect the information and people in real time, which allows speeding up decision making and eases teamwork, even on different locations, integrating functionalities in mobile devices such as voice, chatting, video or shared contents.
On this framework, mobile presales provide fertile ground to start a revolution among companies with an eye on the latest innovation developments.

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