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As you had probably noted, HVAC maintenance, service, installation and repair experts don’t have time for paperwork. Field inspections get into such a rhythm and speed that they rarely have enough time to fill their HVAC forms correctly, get back to the office and submit them within the defined timeframes to process them that same day.
Therefore physical HVAC forms (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), which are still used by specialized businesses in the industry, will be fully replaced in the next few years by innovative alternatives which take advantage of the smartphones the workers carry, with the purpose of invigorating the tasks, make them more efficient and improve the quality of service facing the client.

The importance of an efficient maintenance

All signs point that the sector will continue experiencing a full expansion in the years to come. It is expected that the global market of controls for the HVAC industry will increase to a compound annual growth rate of 8.67% from 2016 to 2020, according to a report by Sandler Research. The segment of sensors contributed with most part of the market’s revenues during 2015, and the sensors are being more and more used in advanced climate control systems.
In that line, as is explained by ACR Latinoamérica, the inefficient operation and maintenance of HVAC systems can cause energy waste, customer complaints, poor indoor air quality and even damage to the environment. Hence the maintenance of climate control systems must be planned and carried out efficiently to ensure the satisfaction of occupants with the service and the system.
To satisfy even the most demanding users in a context of strong growth of the HVAC industry, the paper HVAC forms simply became part of the problem instead of bringing solutions, due to the obstacles the physical format presents by slowing down the already long maintenance processes.
As an alternative to the obsolete paper HVAC forms used nowadays, and in order to attend the needs for more efficient services by specialized companies, some interesting mobile platforms have emerged which can solve many of the common problems that paper forms can’t thanks to intelligent mobile forms.
Using mobile HVAC forms, these companies have real time indicators of the field operations carried out by their employees. No more paper forms. Now the workers in charge of field maintenance can do it all from their smartphones or tablets, improving the productivity, the quality of service and the performance.
Mobile HVAC forms are customized with all the necessary data so the filling of information is easier, and an online situation status can be delivered to the central office while the field workers can capture their work with pictures, GPS location, signature or time and date. That way, a digital historic record of the service is created for future references, avoiding the loss of time and money caused by printing and filing a paper form.
These solutions end up contributing to provide a more efficient processing for the company and an improved service experience for the final user.

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