How to use mobile forms for quality control inspections?

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Business managers attempt to meet the highest quality standards in all their factories and stores to deliver the best possible products to customers.
Until a few years ago, quality control inspection systems were traditionally done on paper and clipboard forms, which meant that field inspectors had to rewrite reports to send them back to the central office by email. After arriving these reports were entered manually into the business systems for analysis. It was an inefficient and error-prone system that delayed inspections and reactions in case any problems arises. These issues were affecting, particularly, companies that were growing faster and needed a new creative approach to improve quality checks reports, and obtain information in an accurate and fast way.

Disadvantages of using paper forms

The traditional processes used for quality control were not accurate and speed enough because all the reports were sent by email to the central office. This delay meant that problems that could have received a prompt solution were left unattended for days or even weeks.
All the entrepreneurs attempt to increase productivity and eliminate bottlenecks and reporting delays, and to do that they needed a more efficient and faster system that did not require the employment of extra staff. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, in the market appear new software designed to perform quality control inspection, checklists, installation inspections, personnel reports and other activities that help manage a business workflow.

How can mobile forms help your company?


Mobile forms help to increase the productivity of the field, reduce expenses and accelerate data speed entry and information analysis. They also allow monitoring field reports, export data and display a daily progress panel. If there is a problem in the field, the manager can find out immediately and can react immediately. Let´s keep in mind that a delayed reaction can negatively affect the quality of service offered to customers.
Mobile forms can be configured according to the needs of each company to collect information from all stores, warehouses and factories immediately which result in improvement of the quality and speed of field inspections. These tools are transforming the way we perform quality controls and communicate with the different departments within a company.
These are just some of the advantages of using mobile forms in companies. If you are interested in starting to use them, do not hesitate to contact us.

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