How to use inspection checklists in construction?

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Construction projects are becoming more demanding and complex. In an industry where health and safety issues can be matters of life and death inspection checklists can be critical quality control tools for the entire construction industry. Construction inspection checklists (also known as an inspection form) are effective ways to operate in compliance with the health and safety standards. In construction, the risks are high. That is why project managers use checklists to keep each site productive and safe.
Weekly inspection checklists will help you to implement the plan-do-check-act principle to improve processes, reduce errors and risks and ensure that the projects are right on time.

Benefits of inspection checklists in construction

It’s no secret that a safe worksite equates to increased productivity and increased profitability and tools like inspection checklists are effective ways to operate in compliance with the standard. Weekly inspection checklists will help you to implement the plan-do-check-act principle to improve processes, reduce errors and ensure that you deliver projects on time.
They also can help you with the following points:
Can be used as a reference point
As contractors and workers can use checklists as a reference to ensure that they adhere to the requirements previously established.
Guarantee compliance with the industry standards
Checklists can be used to verify compliance with quality, environmental, health and safety standards. You can use checklists to show that your project meets all the legal requirements. Checklists are a permanent record, for this reason, it’s advisable to archive them for compliance and legal purposes.
Monitor performance
Investors, managers, and contractors can use checklist data to monitor and analyse the overall performance of a project. Checklists can also make visible that work complies with all of the relevant specifications. Other interested parties and stakeholders that are interested on inspecting the completed work should go through the checklists
Subcontractor company owners can use the inspection report data to monitor work crew performance and make improvements before poor performance impacts future work opportunities.
Manage long projects
Construction projects can be long and complex. Rather than trying to juggle a notebook with hundreds of handwritten notes, an interactive checklist tool will help you to build out any list length without sacrificing usability and mobility.
Help your team to keep organised
Supervisors can use checklists to keep the project under control and to report when every task is done or when a problem arise. A to-do list will allow you to manage various tasks. A simply checklist can keep all of your tasks and items to complete in one place. Checklists can also track the frequency of problems. So, once you have made some changes, you can see if there is any improvement.
Identify issues for improvement
Any stakeholder can use the same inspection form to inspect the work. In essence, the completed inspection form is the voice of each inspector — each stakeholder that performs an inspection. It identifies gaps between their expectations and what they have found during their inspection.
Using a checklist is an excellent way to make your lives simpler and make your business.

How to build an efficient checklist for the construction industry?


Create a customised checklist
Now you can find in the market many apps that allow you to create the perfect checklist for your industry. Being able to create a customised checklist is a plus because it will help you to adapt it to various tasks.
Manage detailed audits
Maintaining the health and safety of your team on a construction site is not an easy task. By conducting your audits through a checklist app, you can avoid paperwork while making sure that nothing goes unnoticed. Try to maintain active records and keep everyone on your team aware of all risks or issues related to the diverse tasks
Mark up images
Use an app that allow you to capture real-time photos on job sites to provide more accuracy for your reports or work orders to make sure that everybody understand your references and can access the information that you’re capturing in an easy format.
Capture real-time data
For construction projects, access to real-time data is vital. When you’re conducting accurate and detailed inspections throughout your project, it’s important to see the progress or any key spots for improvement. With an inspection checklist app you can focus on quality and literally check every aspect of the project off one-by-one. Imagine how handy it would be to check whether a piece of equipment inspected on a weekly basis is functioning safely.
Construction inspection checklists will help you improve quality and the success of your project. Checklists can help you to prioritize your tasks, and organize them in terms of steps, importance and deadlines.

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