How to measure customers’ satisfaction?

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Know what our clients think about our company is essential for our brand image and to understand our position in a highly competitive market. How to know what our customers think about our brand? We simply must ask for feedback
How to ask for feedback from our customers?
There are different ways to request and gather information about our customers. Some of the most used are:
Ask your customer service representatives
They are the ones who are in the front line interacting on a daily basis with your clients. They can be a great source of ideas, new trends and can detect criticism or threats to your products or services.
Create surveys
You can do them on your website, send it by email or do it on site. Do not limit yourself to publishing the online form or leaving it on the counter. Promote actively your surveys on social networks to increase your clients’ participation. Make sure you also periodically analyse the information collected.
Use social networks
Social networks offer an ideal environment to listen to your customers, as they offer an excellent opportunity to interact with your target.
Direct contact
Organize phone calls or take advantage of the face-to-face contact with your customers to inquire about their experience with your product or service. Do not wait for the first complaint or negative comments to begin approaching them.
How to prepare a questionnaire to measure customer satisfaction?
The questionnaires are a good alternative to measure the satisfaction of the clients, since it is a simple tool that can provide us with very valuable information that will help us to make the right decisions to satisfy our customers’ expectations and to define and optimize our business processes. We want to offer our clients the quality service they look forward.
The following points can serve as a guide for the elaboration of a questionnaire that will allow us to measure the satisfaction of our clients.
Does the client have easy access to our products and services and to our customer service team?
Level of professionalism
Are we competitive enough for our clients? Do we have enough knowledge and skills to develop our products and to offer the best possible service?
Quick response
How long does it take for the client to be contacted by somebody from our team? How long does our team take to provide a specific response? Does the answer delivered solve the customer’s requirements? How is the customer service provided?
Tracking / Information
Do we provide the client with information about the progress of their queries and issues?
Support documentation
Do we provide the client with all the necessary documentation about the service or product? Is it the right information? Is it easy to read and understand?
Do our clients feel safe with us? Or do they feel that we have disappointed them and that we are not ‘reliable’?
Company image
Do the clients feel we look after them? Are we kind to them? Do we listen to them? Do they have a negative image of our service? Are we able to understand their needs? Do we try to solve their problems?
Value for money
Does the client consider that the money he is paying is appropriate to the type of service and product he is receiving?
Open questions
It is advisable to complement all these closed questions with a small section where the client can freely comment about our company. It is also important to know their suggestions and expectations.
It is advisable to analyse and measure all the activities related to customer satisfaction. These processes should be integrated into the organization management system.
The methods used to measure customer satisfaction should focus on achieving the following objectives:

  • Determine the structure of the system for evaluating customer satisfaction.
  • Define the areas of strengths that will be the foundation for future improvements and strategies.
  • Establish which areas require urgent reforms to improve the clients’ satisfaction and the perceived image of the company.
  • Analyse all the factors that could eventually become hazards and make a plan to decrease their possible impact and sort the problems out.

The clients’ expectations and satisfaction are essential to define the characteristics of the products and services and the way in which these will be promoted.
After carrying out surveys and studies, the organizations should analyze the results and make the corresponding changes in order to overcome problems that could jeopardize the relationship with the clients. These evaluations should be carried out regularly to obtain fresh results, since the tastes and needs of the consumers change constantly.

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