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Companies are generally concerned to deliver the best possible product or service facing the clients, and the greatest efforts focus on leaving the customer satisfied. But what happens when our customer needs our help or when he has to make a complaint?
According to data from the American Management Association (AMA), an unsatisfied client expresses his dissatisfaction to at least 10 people in average. Besides, according to this study, companies never receive complaints from 90% of the customers they lose, so they don’t have any idea why they are failing.
The figures speak for themselves. To improve the customer services area, which technical services are an important part of, we must start to use the same energy and innovative strategies that we use to design our products and services, or we’ll exposed as a company which doesn’t listen to its clients.
Definition of technical service
Technical service is the assistance that companies provide their clients so that they can use their products or services. The purpose of technical service is to help users to solve certain problems, however, because of a series of different factors, sometimes it can be the source of new headaches for customers.
There is a lot to improve in this area to overcome the negative tendencies which irritate customers. How can technology promote new ways to offer solutions to clients?
In this line it’s important to identify some methods which increase the effectiveness in the answers towards the customers, in order to provide a much more complete and solid technical service.
Empowering the employees
Do your employees have the most appropriate tools to answer the concerns and claims from your clients the best way? Apart from prioritizing what your clients think of your company in social networks, the trend now aims at solving problems with the help of mobile platforms: mainly to solve field problems, common in the technical service area. Through platforms available for iOS and Android, the employees on the field can fill their worksheet from their smartphones, reporting in line to the central office. Placing the right tool in the hands of your employees which can guarantee the customers a quick and effective solution is part of the added value your company can offer the client. The web version of these kind of platforms allows the administrator to administrate users, forms, exporting and analyzing data, among other tasks.
Providing fast answers
Consumers only want to have their problems solved as soon as possible. In this regard, online forms adapted for technical service have the advantage of immediacy; the person in charge of providing the technical service answers the visit form from the same address or company of the affected client they provide an immediate answer to any claims or problems they may have.
The resolution of customer’s’ problems needs something more than scheduling a visit to his house or his company to find out what his problem was and solving it, but it must also include question: “what next?”. The newest mobile platforms allow sending a visit form via e-mail to the customers, as examples of actions which grant credibility in front of the client to solve their problems and regaining their trust in our company.

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