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The food industry, like the rest of the industries, has been evolving and integrating technological solutions into their production and distribution processes to adapt themselves to the current market requirements and the consumers ever evolving needs and demands. Food companies attempt to offer the highest quality product in order to gain their consumers’ trust. To keep offering great quality products and to increase their level of competitiveness in the market, these businesses have to implement new processes and optimize their current ones.
The food production is a process where many actors participate and each step must be managed and controlled by a central manager who must be aware of everything that happens in the factories, warehouses, the distribution centers, etc. It is highly important to maintain quality standards in each process. From the collection of the raw material, on the farm or in the sea, until the final product is ready to sell, there are numerous steps that must be carefully monitored to maintain the quality of the product and ensure that everybody involved in these processes follows the right procedures in accordance with the current legislation.
The food chain comprises diverse activities since the raw material is processed and sended from the producer to the consumer. There are three main stages can be distinguished: production, product collection and processing and distribution. During these 3 stages, an exhaustive quality control must be carried out to ensure you deliver top quality product. Any anomaly or incident must be reported immediately and the entire quality control process should be documented. By undertaking effective inspection and control during the production and operations processes, companies in the food industry can reduce their production costs considerably. Wastages and poor product quality further increase the production costs.
How to maintain control in the production processes of the food industry? Currently there are various software for mobile devices that can used to monitorthese processes.

Software for the food industry

A software for this type of companies must have the following characteristics:

  • Must be able to control the traceability of the processes from manufacturing and production to distribution and sales.
  • Must be able to monitor food products packaging and distribution.
  • This type of company requires a highly efficient software that allows an optimal control of the supply chain in order to verify if the life cycle of the product is appropriated.
  • The ideal software for this and other industries must provide customizable solutions to the companies’ needs.

Quality control software for the food industry


Until now, field workers or on site inspectors had to use paper forms to collect all the information they needed. After that, these data had to be sent to the headquarter to be processed and analysed. With this method, valuable time was lost in each operation.
Thanks to companies that provide quality control software tools for the food industry such as DataScope, the information collected is uploaded to an application on a mobile device, and the digital data is immediately sent to the headquarters for processing. The mobile form includes the worker’s location, the time and the signature of the employee, information that is used to verify that everything has done correctly.
Quality control software for the food industry provides mobile solutions that allow technicians or field staff to work efficiently while the company reduces costs and saves time that can be spent on other important activities. In general, quality control software for the food industry offers great functionality and provides complete management solutions that allow companies specialized in this field to cover all their needs in a fully integrated way.
Quality control software for the food industry is much more than a temporary solution to a specific problem; it is an investment that any company specialized in the field should consider in order to optimize their production processes and provide top quality products.
DataScope provides one of the most efficient quality control software tools for the food industry in the market, which allows these companies to increase their productivity and a top-rated service experience for their clients.

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