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The online world offers many alternatives which are redefining tasks that used to depend solely on pen and paper, alternatives that in most cases simplify and boost companies’ operations in unexpected ways.
These activities include cleaning inspection tasks, which require a comprehensive list of elements specialized companies must consider (such as mold and fungus detection, cleaning hard places, chimneys, etcetera) as the work is being reviewed in order to ensure customers and suppliers a first-class service every time. A cleaning service which doesn’t fully satisfy the clients can seriously harm a company, and that’s where cleaning inspection checklists become necessary.
Cleaning inspection checklists are lists in which each company details all the items that can be considered as essential when it comes to carry out a cleaning service, which are tagged as fulfilled or not on the course of the inspection.
As comprehensive the cleaning inspection checklists can be, if they depend on pen and paper, the work performance will surely experience delays when providing timely reports, and there is a chance that the information on paper can be definitely lost.
To overcome this situation there are apps such as DataScope, which provide cleaning inspection checklists, including an image capture feature. They include a pre-loaded list of tasks and the ability to add comments and pictures for each inspection item. Additionally, the app can be adjusted to fit the specific needs every report requires.
The app can be used by cleaning service companies or by those who are following up with a unit to make sure that visual inspection standards have been met. Employees on the field can download the app, and use their mobile devices on the field to check off items as they survey the space. Depending upon how thorough the cleaning service is, they may want to take notes about what they find as the inspection moves forward, such as mold detection, pipe cleaning, air quality, drain cleaning, air ducts and more.
This convenient app that can be accessed by both mobile devices and desktop computers makes it easier to conduct cleaning inspections on the go and cuts off the need for paperwork. Companies can use this app to speed up their cleaning inspection services and can use their cleaning inspection checklists stored in the Cloud and can also be e-mailed immediately.
Affected by challenges imposed by the technological advance, specialized companies working in the cleaning services field never thought they could count on a much faster service thanks to current technology. Their cleaning inspection checklists can now include pictures, GPS, signature and more, and they can be shared with the central office from the field instantly.
And so, thanks to the benefits of using a mobile app such as DataScope to deploy cleaning inspection checklists the specialized companies which dare to innovate can forget the hundreds of requests piled up on their desks, the mess paper reports can make, and the problems to control the inspections.

DataScope is a platform which allows various industries to streamline, organize and evaluate the work of their field staffs thanks to online forms which provide real time indicators 100% adaptable to any field.

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