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Schedule jobs, track field units, and manage invoicing and customer records from an office desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone are some of the daily duties for companies that provide cleaning services.  Whether you have a commercial cleaning business or house cleaning service, keep up to date with new technologies is essential to improve cleaning efficiencies, safety, and to maintain a high quality of service without increasing excessively the expenses.
Cleaning services are an interesting field to install a profitable business, as demonstrated by the great amount of specialized companies offering this service. However, since there are many organizations offering this service, the need to adapt to increasingly demanding customers are quite urgent to position a company in a competitive market. Home owners and companies affected ask for the most efficient, fast and professional service, in line with a time signed by the access to technology.
To overcome the common challenges that they face on a daily basis, cleaning services companies should implement best practices start using digital tools such as cleaning service software. At present it is paramount for them to use GPS tracking to minimize travel time. They should also improve record-keeping and be able to attach customer signatures, photos, and videos to service orders and invoices to guarantee a reliable, high quality supply. Learning about best practices that have improved performance will drive your company forward. Meetings and conversations with workers and facilities managers may also provide more information on how they have met the various challenges of this ever-changing industry.
Companies that deliver cleaning services for residential or corporate buildings use cleaning service software to manage customers’ specific needs, as well as to plan and optimize cleaning activities. This type of software helps cleaning companies cut down costs through better allocation of human and material resources. Cleaning service software can also help increase customer satisfaction by providing good quality services on time and on schedule.

Why do you need cleaning service software?

Running a cleaning service and meeting clients’ needs on time are demanding tasks. The growing trends of technology have started to invade every area of cleaning business operations. Those who integrate technology into their operations will have a much greater potential to survive and stay competitive in the future. A cleaning service software will give cleaning business advantages over their competition.
The most advanced cleaning service software platforms can provide mobile solutions all in one, which allows technicians to work more efficiently while the company saves costs and saves precious time. Cleaning service software tools offer great functionality and provide management solutions allowing companies to cover all their needs in a fully integrated manner.
Until recently, technicians doing fieldwork had to complete the information by hand on paper forms, data which had to be sent to the central office for its processing, losing vital time in the process. There were few alternatives to the traditional paper form, so the worker on the field had to complete the same information over and over.
By using a cleaning service software, companies can:

  • Automate scheduling, tracking, route optimization and billing.
  • Get rid of paperwork and manual processes.
  • Improve customer communication and customer engagement.
  • See what is going on in the field using thank to a mobile app.
  • React and respond immediately to unforeseen situations, last-minute changes and new requests.

Thanks to companies which provide cleaning service software tools such as DataScope, the information submitted by workers through their mobile devices is sent immediately to the central office for processing and analysis. The data includes the location of the workers, the time and signature, verifying the work was correctly done. After the form is submitted, the client receives a proof of the visit by e-mail, reinforcing the reputation of the company. A cleaning service software will help you focus on keeping your clients and staff happy, whilst the software will manage efficiently your company’s operation.
DataScope provides one of the most efficient cleaning service software tools in the market, which allows these companies an increase of their productivity and a top-rated service experience for their clients. DataScope software will help your cleaning service operate more efficiently, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Designed specifically for the field service industry, this software will connect your office and field staff.

DataScope is a platform which allows various industries to streamline, organize and evaluate the work of their field staffs thanks to online forms which provide real time indicators 100% adaptable to any field.

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