8 advantages of maintenance management software

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A computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) helps organizations plan, track, measure, and optimize everything related to maintenance on a digital platform. CMMS software opens the door to new set possibilities for your maintenance team and duties. Following are some of the most important benefits of CMMS.

Work scheduling

Computerized maintenance management software automates the scheduling of inspections and maintenance, preventing the occurrence of maintenance issues and expensive repairs. The software can also schedule repetitive work orders and send time-based reminders to the responsible parties so your technicians cannot forget to perform maintenance.
Switching from reactive to proactive maintenance will also reduce the overall operating costs of the maintenance function.

Increase safety

CMMS software also improves health and safety. Computerized maintenance management software helps organizations in checking and maintaining equipment in order to meet safety standards and to prevent breakdowns and failures. The preventive work minimizes time waste due to accidents and makes your equipment safer for both operators and the environment.

Enhance productivity

Mobile CMMS enable maintenance technicians to access real-time information, check inventory, and initiate work orders even when they are far from the office. This increases efficiency and productivity because the work is done in a faster manner whilst saving budget resources.

Manage work orders efficiently

Software for maintenance and facilities management improves workflow and efficiency by allowing you to schedule, assign, and close work orders quickly and easily. CMMS software gives you the ability to configure work order and automatically tracks all work orders in the system. By organizing work orders, everyone will know what tasks need to be completed and who is responsible for them.

Eliminate paperwork

CMMS eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork because the software can be set up to capture information automatically. Furthermore, maintenance personnel can view all information related to work orders on their computers or mobile devices so there is no need to print out documents

Control costs

Use a CMMS to stop overspending on inventory, avoid costly scrap and rework, save on energy costs by keeping equipment in top condition, and increase asset uptime, all while tracking maintenance costs so you know exactly how your budget is being spent.

Reduce downtime

A CMMS gives facilities a chance to slash downtime by making it easier to conquer backlog, increase the reliability of assets, schedule preventive maintenance, and simplify repairs. This all helps to keep assets healthier and ensure downtime is eliminated at its root.

Manage field visits


Using computerized maintenance management software allow you to schedule all your services and tasks, indicating to each member of the team which clients to visit, the time scheduled and the activities to be executed. The technician can check his activities at any time and the manager can monitor the completion of tasks from the office through the control panel available in the DataScope app.
The main benefit of CMMS software is that it helps management track activities of their maintenance teams, calculate expenses and allocate resources. CMMS improves accountability, reduces work outages, identifies the causes of certain problems and offers their solutions. The systems also control inventory, helping businesses save on purchases and reduce losses.
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