7 Benefits of using a mobile app for vehicle inspections

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Commercial vehicle drivers have to complete regularly Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports in order to keep vehicles safe on the road while reducing potential accidents and injuries. In the old days, drivers were using paper-based inspections that could be easily lost or damaged and used to take a lot of space in the office. Paper-based inspections are also easily misplaced, difficult to store, and prone to physical damage. Mobile apps not only reduce paperwork to a minimum with digital form fills, they also improve your business’s supply chain workflow, track vehicles in real-time, and allow instant communication with your employees making more efficient the data flow. 
Vehicle inspection apps are great tools that can used to keep the safety of drivers and customers by identifying issues, breakings, reporting them to mechanics and managing vehicle inspections schedules. 

Benefits of using vehicle inspection apps

Track location in real-time

A mobile app can provide you real-time tracking, feature that is very helpful if you are in goods’ transportation business because it allows your customers track shipment anytime and keep them up to date with the latest developments.

Send custom inspection reports to your drivers

Mobile forms have become a great asset for drivers on-the-go because they allow you to send your drivers alerts on the road when scheduled inspections are due and keep them informed about any circumstances might arise.

Get more accurate data

Digitally capturing and organizing data will not only increase the accuracy of information, but will also enable drivers to share information in real-time, increasing effectiveness and enabling you to provide a more efficient service to your customers.

Generating the proof of service

Mobile apps can allow drivers or the shipment delivery workers to create a digital proof of delivery in order to avoid any kind of imprecision. All the information such as customers’ digital signature, barcode scanner, or shipment number can be stored within the app and automatically sent to the backend server.

Deliver your inspection data in the format you need it

Digital data can be customized and delivered in any kind of format to ease the following analysis and storage.

Get flexible forms for every inspection

Conditional or “skip” logic ensure you collect only relevant information to their specific vehicle while removing and adding questions based on answers to previous questions.

Conduct  offline inspections


You can conduct inspections even if your device is offline. Once your device is back online, you can sync all of your inspections and share your reports digitally.
At present, performing vehicle routine inspections is easier than ever thanks to mobile technology. A mobile app will help you to streamline your workflow and will allow drivers to automate the steps for maintenance when a vehicle fails inspection criteria. 
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