10 reasons to use a survey app

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The boom of apps is a positive move for data collection. Apps don’t just make surveys more “mobile friendly”; they also allow people to supply different types of information that might be harder to gather in traditional phone or email surveys.
Survey apps are applications that enable people to take surveys on their smartphone or tablet, even when the device is not connected to the internet. They are used to collect feedback, design, send and analyse surveys.

Advantages of surveying with mobile apps

Here we have listed ten arguments to use survey apps:

  • Real-time insights

Respondents’ answers get stored automatically so you get instant results, therefore, you can get immediate responses and feedback which simplifies the data collection process and makes effortless the subsequent analysis. Respondents using smartphone can fill the survey wherever they are, so there is no need to log into a computer to answer. The insights from the mobile survey method are available for analysis straight after the respondents submit their answers.

  • Works without Internet

Some survey apps can work offline so users can to fill out and submit forms when their devices are not connected. The information gets stored safely until the device is reconnected and it be sent in by synchronisation.

  • Cost-effective

Mobile surveys have a very small cost per respondents which is far cheaper than paper survey or phone survey, and you can reach a high number of potential responses in a short timeframe. Traditional manual surveys require more time and money for distribution and data collection.

  • Collect accurate data

Mobile surveys can collect information in different situations and locations. This method increases the speed and accuracy of data collection, service delivery effectiveness. Obtaining highly accurate data is extremely important to define and implement effective business strategies. Digital and mobile data collection software have tricks that can help you to validate information in order to collect spotless data.

  • Remote area accessibility

Offline mobile forms make collection of data possible in remote locations which can be very helpful for many industries that need to conduct surveys for various reason in villages and other remote locations without connectivity.

  • Design flexibility

Mobile surveys can be programmed even if they’re very complex.  Many survey apps have a drag & drop capability that allow users to create the layout, questions, and answer choices easily and effortless.

  • Focus on the client

Mobile surveys help to build loyalty as they allow customers to connect directly and instantly with the business. Survey apps are efficient for the customer because they don’t request neither a great amount of time nor effort. This flexibility allows customers to interact when they want.

  • Higher response rates

Mobile surveys get higher response rates. Emails are usually filtered or delivered into spam while mobile surveys are sent straight to a user’s mobile phone, therefore, the message is usually read either immediately or very soon afterwards.

  • Easy to use

Mobile surveys are very easily administered compared to other methods that need to be sent by SMS, via email with a downloadable link to an app. Using survey apps, questionnaires can be easily designed and distributed. They also make data collection more systematic by saving all feedback in one database.

  • Rich data


Respondents can add rich data such as images, date & time, signatures, barcodes, GPS location, timestamps and more which increase data accuracy.
From customer feedback to field data collection, mobile surveys can bring in greater efficiency and cost savings. They are quick and easy to customize, and very helpful to get relevant and timely data. So, what are you waiting for to switch to mobile surveys?

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