Hive provides simple automated workflow for teams. It brings all your different tools onto one dashboard and makes it easy to see progress and bottlenecks.

Team Collaboration Hive
Hive provides simple automated workflow for teams. It brings all your different tools onto one dashboard and makes it easy to see progress and bottlenecks.
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DataScope Forms is a mobile solution to automate your operation. Collect data offline, manage field teams and share business insights.
You're working on a proposal for your team's project, and need to look back at your team's last project. So, you switch over to Dropbox, find the file, and come back to your proposal. Then you need to ask a colleague a question, so you switch to your team chat app—where you're instantly distracted with a half-dozen unread messages. In the mean time, you end up forgetting about a task that was on your to-do list for today all along.It's hard enough to remember everything that needs done each day. Throw in the distractions from switching between apps and trying to figure out what file is in which tool, and it's easy to lose much of your work day going back and forth between apps. That's why Hive tries to simplify things by keeping your projects, files, schedule, and chat conversations all in one place.Read MoreHive looks much like an email app or other communications tool, with a 3-pane interface. The difference is, in Hive each pane is for a separate activity. The left pane shows your team members and chat messages. The center pane shows your projects and tasks, with a tabbed toolbar at the top to quickly switch between to-do, calendar, and kanban board views. And on the right, you'll have your files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box only a click away.Everything works together, too. Want to remind yourself to followup on an idea your colleague posts in your team chat? Just drag that comment from the chat to your to-do list. Need to get feedback on a file? Drag it from your files pane into the chat to share it instantly. A colleague asked when your task is due? Check the calendar view in the center projects pane, and reply in a second.There's even a notes tool to write your thoughts down. Just tap the New Note link on the bottom right, type your thoughts and format them in the editor, and they'll be saved along the bottom of your Hive screen. You can then open them for reference any time, or drag them into chat to share with your team.With chat, you can tap on any of your colleagues' profile pictures to start a private conversation with them. Or, create a new group to talk to just a few people about your ideas—perhaps with a group for each team in your company, or one for the members of your new project.Speaking of projects, whenever you're ready to start working on something new you can click the + icon in the project pane to add a new View. There, you can add people to your new project, choose which labels can be used for tasks, and decide whether to show tasks in a list, calendar, or kanban view. You can also add Processes for new tasks, which add a checklist of common things that need done for that activity so you don't have to re-type them each time.Hive makes it simple to stay focused since everything is in one place. Whether you need a team chat tool that makes it easier to turn ideas into actions, or a project management tool that simplifies seeing what everyone's working on, or just a quicker way to share files across all of your accounts, Hive has the tools you need. You'll never have to open a handful of apps to get caught up on your team's projects again.Hive Resources:Learn how to get started quickly with Hive's onboarding videosDownload the Hive apps to get Hive on all your devicesLearn how to get the most out of your Hive Processes with Zapier's guide to Standard Operating ProceduresGet the most out of Hive's project boards by learning how to effectively use kanban boards to manage your projectsConnect Hive to the rest of your apps with Hive's Zapier integrations


New Action
Triggers when an action is created.
Updated Action
Triggers when an action is updated (for example, the status of action is moved to "In progress").
Get Users
Get users visible to API user.
Get Workspaces
Gets all workspaces for user.
Project Users
Get the users for a given project.
Test Credentials
Trigger a credential test.
Workspace Groups
Get groups for a workspace.
Workspace Projects
Get projects for a workspace.
Workspace Users
Get the users for a given workspace.
Workspace Action Templates
Gets all action templates for a given workspace.
Copy Project
Copy project.
Create Action for Workspace
Creates a new action for workspace.
Create Action for Project
Creates a new action for project.
Create Message
Create a new message in Hive.
Trigger Action Template
Triggers a Hive action template.

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